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or com·pact·er  (kəm-păk′tər, kŏm′păk′-)
An appliance that compresses trash for ease of disposal.


a machine that compacts something, esp rubbish


(kəmˈpæk tər, ˈkɒm pæk-)

an appliance that crushes and compresses trash into small convenient bundles.
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Residents should not be exposed to any moving parts, electrical lines, or mechanical apparatus to get their garbage into the compactor.
The remote local government organisation has been granted $132,210 towards the purchase of a Hino 500 series Combo Rubbish compactor for the community of Maningrida.
June 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Bay Area Trash Compactor announced today the installation of the first-of-its-kind combination solar powered trash compactor and portable cardboard baler at the LEED Platinum Certified Bardessono Hotel and Spa in the Napa Valley.
The CE Series Compactor Encosure is a flexible, custom-designed product that encloses compactors and dumpsters at the loading dock.
The range includes the VP-8RH combination compactor which features a removable rubber roller-based vibratory plate designed to compact base materials when the rollers are removed and then for work on finished block work when the rollers are installed.
a public-listed company on the NYSE Euronext Brussels "ENVI" and a global provider of recycling systems and solutions to the beverage and retail industries, announces additional orders of its innovative compactor technology.
Bag Compactor as an integral part of its range o Bag Dump Stations, enabling operators to easily and safely discard and compress up to 8l used bags into a compact neat bundle for subsequent disposal.
With rich experience in the plastic recycling industry, Harden has spent time and energy to make this new SP200 EPS compactor by reducing the EPS foam volume by 40 to 1 and reaching the density up to 320kg/cbm.
Whichever compactor is affixed to the vibratory platform, the combination of vibratory forces (10,000 lbs.
Innovators in compaction equipment for more than 80 years, Sakai offers a track driven soil compactor for steep slope applications as well as a vibratory pneumatic tire roller for today's contemporary mix designs.
Every good operator knows that good air flow keeps the compactor running like a race horse.
The KP Poly Scrap Compactor (photo) from JTW International Inc.