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n. Chiefly Southwestern US
A close friend or associate; a companion.

[Spanish, joint father, godfather, friend, from Medieval Latin compater, joint priest, godfather : Latin com-, com- + Latin pater, father; see pəter- in Indo-European roots.]


(kɒmˈpɑːdreɪ; kəm-)
Southwestern US a male friend
[from Spanish: godfather, from Medieval Latin compater, from Latin com- with + pater father]


(kəmˈpɑ dreɪ)

n. Chiefly Southwestern U.S.
a friend, companion, or close associate.
[1825–35, Amer.; < American Spanish; Sp: godfather < early Medieval Latin compater; see compère]
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There's a great whistle-stop tour of the best of tonight's Culture Night in a few pages' times with our compadre Rigsy.
The one-year-old Chihuahua, along with compadre Leo and Alfie the Lassa Apso, are no strangers to taking on the surf with owner Pat O'Neill.
KING CREOSOTE - FROM SCOTLAND WITH LOVE SCOTTISH star Kenny Anderson, aka King Creosote, has had a rough time since his Fence Records compadre Johnny Lynch left to form Lost Map Records and took some bands with him.
His Fence Records compadre Johnny Lynch, also known as The Pictish Trail, left to form Lost Map Records and took some of their bands with him.
For all the clamour for Galileo yearlings, his late Coolmore compadre Montjeu actually commanded better sales figures, with three out of four colts selling for an average of 425,000gns.
There have been plenty of changes to the band since then, with the only mainstay being mainman, songwriter and vocalist Brendon B Brown, five-year veteran bassist Matthew Milligan his longest-serving compadre.
ACTOR 2: Narrator 1, Stranger 1, Compadre 1, Mauricio, Older Brother, and Oscar.
James, 41, and Von D, 28, were at El Compadre Mexican restaurant in West Hollywood on October 23, where they were seen chatting and kissing at their table, People magazine reported.
blanket, hidden there like a hunchback's hunch, and his compadre, a
She released her first record, "Stillhouse," on Compadre Records.
In a series of fractured flashbacks, Domino recounts her first encounter with ex-con Ed Mosbey (Mickey Rourke) and his sexy Latino compadre Choco (Edgar Ramirez) at a seminar for aspiring bounty hunters.
It is almost unheard of for an artist to put out three discs on the same day, but singer/songwriter Kate and Compadre Records have announced the release of The Portable Kate Campbell, Sing Me Out and Songs From The Levee - due out on August 10th.