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n. Chiefly Southwestern US
A close friend or associate; a companion.

[Spanish, joint father, godfather, friend, from Medieval Latin compater, joint priest, godfather : Latin com-, com- + Latin pater, father; see pəter- in Indo-European roots.]


(kɒmˈpɑːdreɪ; kəm-)
Southwestern US a male friend
[from Spanish: godfather, from Medieval Latin compater, from Latin com- with + pater father]


(kəmˈpɑ dreɪ)

n. Chiefly Southwestern U.S.
a friend, companion, or close associate.
[1825–35, Amer.; < American Spanish; Sp: godfather < early Medieval Latin compater; see compère]
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Tocol's co-founders, UAMS professors Cesar Compadre and Philip Breen, previously developed technologies licensed to and developed by Safe Foods Corp.
Voy en el Metro, que grandote, rapidote, que limpiote; que diferiencia del camion de mi compadre .
Often dubbed the "Godfather of British country music", Hank Wangford and his compadre Brad Breath - aka Andy Roberts of Plainsong, The Scaffold, Pink Floyd, Cat Stevens, Kirsty MacColl and The Bonzos - are promising a "honky-tonkin' emotional rollercoaster with heartbreakers, tear jerkers and toe tappers" on Sunday, May 8, at 7.
Compadre, vengo sangrando, / desde los montes de Cabra.
For all the clamour for Galileo yearlings, his late Coolmore compadre Montjeu actually commanded better sales figures, with three out of four colts selling for an average of 425,000gns.
Description of the Digital Library ComPADRE Intended for the Teaching and Learning of Physics
Bruce Springsteen and E Street compadre Steve Van Zandt write many of the tunes, while The Coasters and the late, great Lee Dorsey are among the guests ensuring this is a continuation rather than a revival of the music they all hold dear.
No'mbre, yo si soy bien fan de los Beatles, compadre.
ACTOR 2: Narrator 1, Stranger 1, Compadre 1, Mauricio, Older Brother, and Oscar.
James, 41, and Von D, 28, were at El Compadre Mexican restaurant in West Hollywood on October 23, where they were seen chatting and kissing at their table, People magazine reported.
Nas cartas do leitor, de modo geral, os vocativos sao: Senhor Redactor, Ilustrissimo Senhor Redactor, Senhores Redactores; mas ha casos em que o leitor escreve diretamente para um parente, amigo ou conhecido, ou ao publico: Querido esposo (carta dirigida a um voluntario da Patria), Ao Chico Salles, Ao Compadre do Monge, Compadre Pancracio, Comadre Chiquinha, Amigo Antonio Nardi Vasconcellos Junior, Aos fazendeiros e possuidores de escravos, Ao publico, etc.