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Noun1.companionability - suitability to be a companion
sociability, sociableness - the relative tendency or disposition to be sociable or associate with one's fellows
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The entrance of the auditor at the end of the poem compels Eulalie to alter her "frank tone" of "straight-speaking dissent" into one of disingenuous companionability.
The irony is, just as our energy resource has dipped to residual levels, health has become something for us to work at crucially; yet the effort tends to be negated by a new technology that allows one to get a life, virtually-in the comfortable companionability of computers.
We enjoy their energy, beauty, trainability and companionability.
We can attest to these snakes' beauty, companionability and educational value.
Similarly, in "The Life of Pope" (1781), Johnson does not merely observe that "troubles at home cause us more grief than squabbles by the clergy" (151), an opinion that would keep him well within the bounds of homely companionability and political correctness.
Although Ripple will not again enjoy the caring of a wife (or even the companionability of a lasting friendship), the world that opens up to hint while he writes becomes a refuge.
They have an easy companionability, George and Margaret.