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1. Having the qualities of a good companion; friendly. See Synonyms at social.
2. Suggestive of or conducive to companionship: reading together in companionable silence.

com·pan′ion·a·ble·ness n.
com·pan′ion·a·bly adv.
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Noun1.companionableness - suitability to be a companion
sociability, sociableness - the relative tendency or disposition to be sociable or associate with one's fellows
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They were three days on their journey, and Marianne's behaviour as they travelled was a happy specimen of what future complaisance and companionableness to Mrs.
In conclusion, however, it has to be said that unfortunately, the overall value and companionableness of this volume is severely prejudiced by too many omissions and tepidities.
What is most disconcerting about the revealed images, both verbal and visual, is the essential discontinuity evidenced to someone concerned in the reading process with discovering conformity between interpretation and text, companionableness between the visual and the verbal.
The usefulness, companionableness, and gentleness of snakes," she began, "is sometimes alluded to in print by scientists and by amateurs.
approach of others that she cd not imagine the companionableness of