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Characteristic of or behaving as a companion.


1. resembling, appropriate to, or acting as a companion
2. harmoniously suited


(kəmˈpæn yə nɪt)

1. of, by, or like companions.
2. tastefully harmonious or suitable.
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Adj.1.companionate - like a companion; "companionate marriage"; "a companionate dog"
friendly - characteristic of or befitting a friend; "friendly advice"; "a friendly neighborhood"; "the only friendly person here"; "a friendly host and hostess"
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Thomas Laqueur cogently argues that the two-sex model came into being during this time period, and Lawrence Stone traces the dominance of companionate marriage to the eighteenth century.
The rise of the English novel has always been associated with companionate marriage, but Jones (English, Cornell U.
Gilman's focus in this engaging novel, however, is not women's labor or companionate relationships so much as it is sexually transmitted diseases and women's ignorance about their own bodies and sexuality in general.
Though the notion of a companionate union between a human being and an animal of different species may seem sacrilegious, a close reading of Genesis 2:18-25 reveals that, before God created a woman to be a "help-meet" for man, He experimented by creating a series of other living beings that proved unsatisfactory and unequal to the task.
That was the place I'd returned to with certainty suddenly gone, when my life was made moot by disease, when companionate passion had turned to disdain's acrimonious grievances and I was left a late-quinquagenarian celibate--still, when I mounted the spiral stairs slant with three centuries' steps (like the furrows defining the smile of a laureate) I was home safe in the cave that I'd made for the possible.
Wouldn't it be wonderful--this was my first daydream--to-end up in a residence in Manhattan full of smart, lively women whose lives bore some rough resemblance to my own; a place where the chance for companionate exchange would be better than even, so that I might be "myself"--even if only for an.
While it is a commonplace assumption that Luther and Calvin discounted vowed celibacy in order to repudiate Catholic monastic vows and validate a companionate marriage, Jankowski adds to this discussion by showing how the word "virginity" is eliminated as a term of discourse in Protestant marriage manuals.
Scholars describe the family as a companionate unit based on affection rather than the economic bonds of the eighteenth century.
The emphasis seems to have been on doing it, almost on "counting coup," except -- perhaps -- in the more elite social circles in which an ideology of companionate marriage and emotional intimacy between husband and wife was emerging (though Trumbach reveals how much this was aspiration rather than actuality).
Revenge and Companionate Marriage in Book IV" sets the poem's many violent encounters and tournaments in the context of a clearly articulated but conflicted religious discourse on revenge--a discourse which, in Spenser's hands, Mallette sees as compromising the ideal of marital companionship.
She had a gift for making and sustaining friendships, and an extremely happy and companionate marriage until Paul died cruelly young in 1983.
As a "visionary" vehicle, Tate contends, the black woman's domestic novel allegorizes an ideal family paradigm of companionate, relatively gender-equitable marriage and duty to community as the ideal paradigm for an equitable and inclusive U.