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A survey of UK company car drivers commissioned by Go Ultra Low, a joint Government and automotive industry campaign, found that only 25 per cent of businesses currently offer electric company cars to employees.
Furthermore, company cars were shown to be a powerful way for businesses to retain staff, with almost two thirds of respondents saying they would be more likely to stay in a job if given a set of work wheels.
Contract notice: Delivery of spare parts for company cars pcc in kielce.
Thus, if you provide company cars to one or more employees, you might consider leasing rather than the traditional purchase arrangement.
With company cars, there is a treatment for the company and then a tax consequence for the employee.
The last decade has seen a surge in businesses providing cash alternatives to company cars for employees.
CRIPPLING tax liabilities on employees with company cars is now so severe that millions are handing them back and buying their own - with serious consequences for the majority of ordinary motorists on a budget.
EXECUTIVES want more company cars even though fuel prices are cutting their mileage, a survey has revealed.
Changes to the taxation of company cars across Europe mean businesses with high CO2 emission vehicles in their fleet will face higher costs, increasing demand for low emission vehicles.
In a field such as sales where company cars are the norm, opting for a cash allowance could leave you in a sticky situation when changing companies.
The court declared illegal 1999 rules that prevent Danish resident employees of foreign companies using their company cars in Denmark for personal or professional purposes, where this "work is not their principal employment".
However, the latest figures from the vehicle finance arm of HSBC show a resurgence led by increases in the number of businesses offering company cars.