company grade

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com′pany grade`

military rank applying to army officers below major, as first lieutenants and captains. Compare field grade.
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Consisting of an all-volunteer force of approximately 800 personnel, an SFAB is based on the structure of a traditional brigade combat team but without the junior enlisted and company grade officers.
Most were what the military calls "company grade" officers, meaning they were at the rank of lieutenant or captain.
Serving as a company grade engineer officer offers many of the most exciting assignments and experiences in the Army.
?Intersky Falcon When Intersky Falcon landed the 2002 Christmas Hurdle at Kempton he was O'Neill's first open company Grade 1 winner.
Disaster Sim was created by the Army Research Laboratory and programmers from the Institute for Creative Technologies at the University of Southern California as a cost-effective training tool for company grade officers and mid to junior noncommissioned officers engaged in foreign disaster relief, said Maj.
"From day one, he has been a mainstay of my officer corps and was also recognized at the Air Force level as the 2015 Reserve Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Company Grade Officer of the Year," Redden said.
They are now professionalized by company grade, field grade, and senior field grade warrant officers.
As a young company grade officer in the mid-1980s, I vividly remember reading David Donovan's Once a Warrior King.
The JAOAC is mandatory for the career progression and promotion eligibility for all Reserve Component company grade judge advocates (JA).
Much like company grade officers did in Iraq and Afghanistan, the company commander of the future must be mentally agile enough to thrive within the parameters of mission command.
Secondary research questions included determining whether there were statistically significant differences in attributes based on age, gender, rank (company grade vs field grade *), corps (Medical, Nurse, Medical Service, Specialist, Dental, and Veterinarian), and environmental factors such as time spent in hospitals (fixed facility experience) and time spent in the field (operational unit experience).