company-grade officer

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com·pa·ny-grade officer

A commissioned officer having the rank of second lieutenant, first lieutenant, or captain in the US Army, Air Force, or Marine Corps. Also called company officer.
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ALDS provides a useful frame-work to address proposed changes to junior- and company-grade officer professional development.
I wondered how I, as company-grade officer, would benefit from spending a year with industry.
From the perspective of a young company-grade officer looking up the chain of command, leadership has delivered conflicting messages'' on integrity and test performance, the report said.
The additional resources included the assignment of a field-grade officer with program management and contracting experience as the overall transition lead; three company-grade officers with quality assurance and program management experience serving as FOB transition leads; and a company-grade officer as transition operations officer to coordinate transition events and activities, assemble and analyze reports and data, and orchestrate meetings and coordination with the PC and IPC.
Instilling this understanding among our Soldiers and junior NCOs is one of the vital roles the company-grade officer plays in the execution of strategic landpower.
The book is written for junior noncommissioned officers and company-grade officers, but will also be of interest to academics.
For instance Saving Private Ryan is an extraordinary case study, but it reflects direct level leadership and is appropriate for junior NCOs and company-grade officers.
Dugard recounts how, confronting an imposing fortress at Monterrey, some company-grade officers disassembled an 1,800-pound howitzer, had the components and ammunition humped up a steep hill, reassembled the gun, and used it to reduce the enemy position.
In June 1941 about 90 percent of the Army's company-grade officers were recently mobilized Reservists.
No later than 18 months after their promotion, company-grade officers must go to junior-officer schools to take a six-week course.
This always has been recognized to one degree or another as a critical requirement for young, inexperienced company-grade officers.