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A person who employs the comparative method, as in studying literature.

[French comparatiste, from comparative, comparative, from comparer, to compare; see compare.]


(kəmˈpærəˌtɪst) or


(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a person who carries out comparative studies, esp a student of comparative literature or comparative linguistics
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such paired essays as comparison, but in actuality the comparatist has
How can someone with a "rudimentary vocabulary of Sanskrit poetics" (139) properly partake of this comparatist feat, and isn't the act of reading Ghosh's interpretation of "Daffodils" with rudimentary Sanskrit comparable to the sampling of national literatures, presented as fragmented wholes, in World Lit anthologies?
Once the question has been established, the comparatist can focus on the important purpose of comparative strategy: distinguishing between the particular properties of two or more cases and identifying the structural causes responsible for those differences.
His current project is an exhibition and edited book on 'KulturTransfer' (CultureTransfer), together with the Austrian writer and comparatist Raoul Schrott.
The novelists this justly acclaimed interpreter of literariness and criticism examines are usually marshaled in larger studies, and accordingly three of the six chapters scrutinize known authors of presumably different literary traditions for truly original findings that are an essential report to the comparatist academy.
We are a generalist and comparatist print quarterly, not restricted by national borders and chronological periods.
MacPhail's book demonstrates how crucial it is for scholars to move beyond their disciplinary silos to undertake comparatist and transnational research.
In the first essay of this compilation, Himani Banerjee commemorates imminent translation theorist and comparatist Barbara Godard (1941-2010), and presents a critical review of the emergence and transformation of Canadian literature as a site multicultural inquiry.
She cites Nabokov as a perfect object for comparatist study because his oeuvre offers the unique opportunity to look at his major texts twiceuas originals and as translations.
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