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A person who employs the comparative method, as in studying literature.

[French comparatiste, from comparative, comparative, from comparer, to compare; see compare.]


(kəmˈpærəˌtɪst) or


(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a person who carries out comparative studies, esp a student of comparative literature or comparative linguistics
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There have been problems caused by geopolitical complexities and the historical processes of globalization, democratization, and decolonization that are collectively changing how literature and culture have been understood and studied.(10) And, of course, there have been problems caused by the image of the comparativist as colonizing imperialist taking over individual linguistic and literary domains.
In this third contribution to a new series developed by Peeters Publishers, the prolific comparativist Francis Clooney offers a theological exposition of three short verses round in the Srivaisnava devotional tradition of South India: (1) the Tiru Mantra ("Om, obeisance to Narayana [Vishnu]"); (2) the Dvaya Mantra ("I approach for refuge the feet of Narayana with Sri.
Defending the comparativist position, he lays out the principal challenges to it, examines empirical observation in the natural sciences, and argues that the dangers of comparative observations have been addressed in culture studies with the same solutions used in the natural sciences.
Russell is a comparativist, and this enriches his work greatly, placing the early small Armenian culture in the greater Iranian world that surrounded it.
* Proposing a new organized section that would appeal to comparativist members of APSA who do not belong to the comparative politics section.
The strength of Harris's approach (the persistent linguistic focus) is also ultimately its weakness, for a rounded, comparativist sense of the intellectual context of Surrealism is lacking.
The ICLA's first official workshop on feminist topics may only have been in 1988, but by 1991 comparativist feminine discourse had clearly flourished.
I should also like to see some of the comparativist ideas that are merely adumbrated here worked out in a fuller form.
Political scholars from Europe and the Americas offer comparativist and statistical analysis of the Union's enlargement, explore under-researched aspects of the enlargement process, and contribute to the debate between rationalist and constructivist analysis in international relations theory.
187--89); two postscripts: "Mecca and Medina: The Two Paradigms in Contemporary Islamic Thought," and "Some Comparativist Biblical-Qur[contains]anic Reflections Arising from This Study." The apparatus, in addition to the fifty-six footnotes found throughout the text, consists of a bibliography (with some puzzling omissions, e.g., MacAuliffe's Qur[contains]anic Christians [Cambridge, 19911]) and three indices, the latter covering "Qur[contains]anic Passages," "Biblical Passages," and "General Topics."
In the hands of the behavioralist, comparativist, idiographic case studies, once treated as ends in themselves, became fuel for theory generation (Eckstein 1975; George 1979; Lijphart 1971).
Social scientists from the US and across Europe present new research that draws on comparisons between aspects of migration in Europe and the US in order to help emphasize the necessity in immigration studies to build a bridge between Americanist and comparativist and globalist approaches.
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