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 (kŏm′pə-rā′tər, kəm-păr′ə-)
Any of various instruments for comparing a measured property of an object, such as its shape, color, or brightness, with a standard.


1. (General Engineering) any instrument used to measure a property of a system by comparing it with a standard system
2. (Electronics) an electric circuit that compares two signals and gives an indication of the extent of their dissimilarity


(kəmˈpær ə tər, ˈkɒm pəˌreɪ-)

1. any of various instruments for making comparisons, as of lengths, distances, or tints of colors.
2. a circuit for comparing two signals, as readings of duplicate information stored in a digital computer.


[kəmˈpærətər] nélément m de comparaison
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The bill proposes a hierarchy of comparators --from the same employer, then a similar employer, then the same industry and finally from a similar industry.
STMicroelectronics has upgraded its 16V CMOS dual and quad analog comparators using the latest-generation process technology to achieve lower typical current consumption of 5A per comparator, as well as faster propagation time and increased ESD capability of up to 4kV.
Folding-Interpolating (F&I) technique is another alternative to reduce the number of comparators with nearly the same conversion speed as flash [1, 2].
The inability to obtain the necessary pedigree and product documentation for the comparator, lack of supply chain security with possible introduction of counterfeit comparators, and delays in re-supply throughout the course of the trial: these are just some of the problems that can lead to significant operational, regulatory, and financial setbacks for the trial sponsor.
The HMC874LC3C, HMC875LC3C, and HMC876LC3C arc SiGe monolithic, 20 Gbps clocked comparators that feature high speed latches with programmable hysteresis and reduced swing PECL/CML/ECL output drivers respectively.
Millstone obtained two new 30-inch comparators, one of which is equipped with a 5X lens; a 14-inch comparator; a vision system; and a micro-hite.
2] UCSP or a five-pin SOT23 package, the MAX9060-MAX9065 comparators from Maxim operate from a 0.
Millstone obtained two new 30-inch comparators, one of which is equipped with a 5X lens, a 14-inch comparator, a vision system and a micro-hite.
This system is said to replace of Mine optical comparators, which are not effective for extrusions that are spooled and cannot be cut periodically for off-line measurement, according to the company.
In mass metrology, mass comparators or comparator balances are required to determine the mass of weights or samples to a very high degree of accuracy.
These new precision 15x Measuring Magnifiers and Comparators with glass measuring reticles for accurate inspection takes measurements of linear dimension as small as 0.