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 (kŏm′pə-rā′tər, kəm-păr′ə-)
Any of various instruments for comparing a measured property of an object, such as its shape, color, or brightness, with a standard.


1. (General Engineering) any instrument used to measure a property of a system by comparing it with a standard system
2. (Electronics) an electric circuit that compares two signals and gives an indication of the extent of their dissimilarity


(kəmˈpær ə tər, ˈkɒm pəˌreɪ-)

1. any of various instruments for making comparisons, as of lengths, distances, or tints of colors.
2. a circuit for comparing two signals, as readings of duplicate information stored in a digital computer.


[kəmˈpærətər] nélément m de comparaison
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Prior Information Notice: Mass comparators - 14 pieces.
If an application is made to the authority/ court, the parties can provide evidence as to why they say certain comparators are or are not relevant.
Unless a specific agreement is in place between biopharmaceutical companies, clinical trial sponsor companies frequently are unable to secure comparators and co-therapies directly from each other, and therefore must purchase on the open market.
uk customers raise vital funds for Reuben's Retreat through comparators 'Book and Donate' Scheme
Millstone obtained two new 30-inch comparators, one of which is equipped with a 5X lens; a 14-inch comparator; a vision system; and a micro-hite.
Millstone obtained two new 30-inch comparators, one of which is equipped with a 5X lens, a 14-inch comparator, a vision system and a micro-hite.
Indeed, today's machines are markedly different from the first comparators, often called "shadowgraphs.
This system is said to replace of Mine optical comparators, which are not effective for extrusions that are spooled and cannot be cut periodically for off-line measurement, according to the company.
These new precision 15x Measuring Magnifiers and Comparators with glass measuring reticles for accurate inspection takes measurements of linear dimension as small as 0.
It may be possible to extend the range of this direct scaling measurement up to 10 [ohm][Image] or even 100 [ohm][Image] by using larger turns-ratio current comparators.
County Durham and Darlington NHS FT (CDDFT) require benchmarking tools to enable the Trust to benchmark its performance against local, national and international comparators.