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tr.v. com·part·ed, com·part·ing, com·parts
To divide into parts.

[Obsolete French compartir, from Italian compartire, from Late Latin compartīrī, to share : Latin com-, com- + Latin partīrī, to divide (from pars, part-, a part; see perə- in Indo-European roots).]


vb (tr)
1. to divide into parts
2. architect to lay out according to a plan
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Verb1.compart - lay out in parts according to a plan
array, lay out, set out, range - lay out orderly or logically in a line or as if in a line; "lay out the clothes"; "lay out the arguments"
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Meanwhile another notification issued here said that all compart and late college students of BBA,I,II,III,IV and B.
under contract 17-13-D, supply and deliver compart 1100 kcml EPR primary underground cable.
persiste AaAaAeA@ sem dAaAaAeA vida o grande es argentino Jorge Luis Borges, cuja fascinaAaAaAeAoAaAaAeALo por labirintos AaAaAeA@ compart por dos Santos.
Esquivel y LarraAaAaAeA n (1999) mencionan que estas crisis compart una fuerte apreciaciAaAaAeA n del tipo de cambio real junto a un dAaAaAeA@ficit import de la cuenta corriente.
COMPART REDUNDANCIA Completo 1 0,93978 0,87537 0,82266 2 0,71681 0,12463 0,08934 TOTAL 1,00000 0,91200 Completo (Zx1) 1 0,93584 0,89540 0,83795 2 0,19372 0,10460 0,02026 TOTAL 1,00000 0,85821 Completo (Zx2) 1 0,93453 0,89481 0,83622 2 0,52142 0,10519 0,05485 TOTAL 1,00000 0,89107 Completo (Zx3) 1 0,93915 0,86289 0,81038 2 0,34372 0,13711 0,04713 TOTAL 1,00000 0,85751 Completo (Zx4) 1 0,92819 0,89750 0,83305 2 0,58012 0,10250 0,05946 TOTAL 1,00000 0,89251 FUNCAO VARIAVEIS INDEPENDENTES (W1) MODELO CANONICA VAR.
GETTING A BUZZ Customs caught Svetlana Ivanyshka of Ukraine trying to smuggle hashish in the battery compart ment of a vibrator when she got to Kiev from New Delhi in 2007.
Because these structures are compart mentally excluded from the rest of the cytoplasm, the degradation process could be slower, allowing target proteins to accumulate.
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En el tinglado de esas primeras AaAaAeA[c]pocas, en l batallas que dictaron pasados, presentes y porvenires, sus protagonistas, aAaAaAeA*n desde posiciones de campo opuestos, hablaron desde los sueAaAaAeA[+ or -]os compart de una modernidad que interpretaron e implementaron de modo diferencial.
Dietary ration of (n-6)/(n-3) polyunsaturated fatty acids alters the fatty acid composition of bone compart.
American Airlines and Expedia may have reached a truce in their fare-distribution battle, but many of the larger questions regarding global distribution systems remain unanswered, Andrew Compart writes.