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tr.v. com·part·ed, com·part·ing, com·parts
To divide into parts.

[Obsolete French compartir, from Italian compartire, from Late Latin compartīrī, to share : Latin com-, com- + Latin partīrī, to divide (from pars, part-, a part; see perə- in Indo-European roots).]
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vb (tr)
1. to divide into parts
2. architect to lay out according to a plan
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Verb1.compart - lay out in parts according to a plan
array, lay out, set out, range - lay out orderly or logically in a line or as if in a line; "lay out the clothes"; "lay out the arguments"
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But through the revolutionary experience this vision would be multiplied and comparted through crowds and classrooms and the indelible "Third Spaces" so integral to the grand social narrative of democratic enlightenment.
We specialise in our core areas of expertise within the hospitality sector by dealing with a relatively small portfolio of products when comparted to other distributors who sell a wide range of commodities.
They more than doubled their sales when comparted to 2017 which, for any company would be an amazing performance - but this growth was achieved in what has been a challenging time for the UK economy in general.
About a quarter of the children in the upper fear quartile began their HPV series comparted to 48% in the lower quartile.
The overall bed rock strength is designated as R5 at Tunnel inlet and R3 at Tunnel outlet on manual index test respectively, and hence shows suitable lithologies at Tunnel inlet comparted to Tunnel outlet.
Due to Andean sediment, however, the black-water and soils of igapo forests in western Amazonia can have at least twice as much electrolytes and nutrients comparted to igapo in central and eastern Amazonia (F.
at 9 fig.3 (reflecting higher wages for white employees in the Alabama food and service accommodation sector as comparted the hourly wage for Black workers).
The report showed that the early readiness of the Electricity and Water Authority to the season had led to positive results, including the decrease of the average number cut-outs by 72% and the their duration by 87%, comparted with their levels over the past five years.
Frontera benefits from its relatively larger production size comparted to peers.
The average monthly net salary in BiH amounted to 872 KM in June this year, and it was nominally up by 2.5 percent comparted to the same month last year and higher by 1.1 percent compared to December 2017.