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tr.v. com·part·ed, com·part·ing, com·parts
To divide into parts.

[Obsolete French compartir, from Italian compartire, from Late Latin compartīrī, to share : Latin com-, com- + Latin partīrī, to divide (from pars, part-, a part; see perə- in Indo-European roots).]
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vb (tr)
1. to divide into parts
2. architect to lay out according to a plan
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Verb1.compart - lay out in parts according to a plan
array, lay out, set out, range - lay out orderly or logically in a line or as if in a line; "lay out the clothes"; "lay out the arguments"
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Comparting the impact of 12 weeks of intervention with swimming on the subjects' physical fitness (Table 1), significant difference was found between pre- and post-test moments for the following tests: sit-to-stand (p = 0.005); elbow flexion (p = 0.007); walk 2.44 m and sit (p = 0.005); walk 6 min.
Comparting the impact of 12 weeks of swimming intervention on the elderly women's physical fitness.
In turn, at comparting (23) and (6), we may argue that the vector of wave normal [??] is directed along of axis OX ([??] = [[??].sub.X]), because the vector electric transverse wave [??] takes a form presented in (6):

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