compartment pressure

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Noun1.compartment pressure - the air pressure maintained in an air-tight compartment (as in an aircraft)
air pressure, atmospheric pressure, pressure - the pressure exerted by the atmosphere
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2-5) Multiple studies report sickle cell trait, a known condition in our patient, as a possible precipitating factor for sudden irreversibility of increased compartment pressure.
The measurement of gluteal compartment pressure may be especially helpful in unresponsive patients where symptoms like pain or paresthesias cannot be assessed.
The outcome of ACS is determined by the duration of ischaemia, the pressure in osteofascial compartment and causes of increased compartment pressure.
When compartment pressure becomes greater than the capillary perfusion pressure, the capillaries collapse resulting in venous outflow, obstruction (McQueen, Gaston, & CourtBrown, 2000).
Recent studies suggest magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) as an alternative to compartment pressure measurement to diagnose CECS because it is non-invasive and easily tolerated.
Compartment pressures were measured, and showed elevated pressures in the dorsal forearm compartment of 70 mmHg, with a volar forearm compartment pressure of 14 mmHg.
The Starling resistor describes vascular beds with increased compartment pressure [4, 5].
Repeated haemorrhaging into a fascial space in the presence of increased compartment pressure leads to the formation of a fusiform mass with a soft cystic centre, called ancient haematoma [10].
Compartment pressure was measured according to the modified criteria of Pedowitz (Pedowitz et al.
7) Pulselessness is usually caused by a vascular injury because the compartment pressure does not reach systolic blood pressure allowing blood flow.
A digital compartment pressure monitor was connected to a short length of intravenous infusion tubing filled with saline.
Given the prolonged history not to measure compartment pressure was decided, as the results would not alter the management strategy and would be more likely to be normal than in an acute presentation, and taking measurements could cause a delay in treatment.