compartment pressure

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Noun1.compartment pressure - the air pressure maintained in an air-tight compartment (as in an aircraft)
air pressure, atmospheric pressure, pressure - the pressure exerted by the atmosphere
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Compartment pressures were measured, and showed elevated pressures in the dorsal forearm compartment of 70 mmHg, with a volar forearm compartment pressure of 14 mmHg.
In view of the normal volar compartment pressure measured prior to surgery as well as MRI evidence of swelling only confined to the dorsal compartment, we decided not to decompress the volar compartment and mobile wad, and avoid the morbidity of a separate incision.
Compartment pressure was measured according to the modified criteria of Pedowitz (Pedowitz et al.
The results revealed normal intracompartmental pressure values at 1 minute before exercise, although athlete men group was presenting higher compartment pressure values compared to the other three groups.
This patient also highlights the importance of muscle compartment pressure monitoring during volume resuscitation in patients with SCLS.
The diagnosis is obtained through a careful history and physical exam, reproduction of symptoms with exertion, and pre- and post-exercise muscle tissue compartment pressure recordings.
1,10) A spanning fixator also permits vascular studies for arterial injury, Doppler scans for thrombosis, and compartment pressure monitoring without difficulty.
Tight splints and casts can increase the compartment pressures by limiting the capacity of the limb to expand and swell.
6) Snakebites usually cause subcutaneous oedema without raised compartment pressures.
The abdominal compartment syndrome (ACS) results when rising intra-abdominal compartment pressures compromise venous return and cause hypotension refractory to volume resuscitation, ventilatory embarrassment and intra-abdominal organ ischaemia (2,3).
Any abnormalities noted on pulse exam or concern for tissue ischemia would have led to further investigation, to include measurement of compartment pressures.
As a secondary diagnostic criterion, compartment pressures were measured with a Stryker 295-2 Quick Pressure Monitor Set (Kalamazoo, Mich).