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1. One of the parts or spaces into which an area is subdivided.
2. A separate room, section, or chamber: a storage compartment.
tr.v. com·part·ment·ed, com·part·ment·ing, com·part·ments
To compartmentalize: "The information has not been compartmented" (John H. Cushman, Jr.).

com′part·ment′al (kŏm′pärt-mĕn′tl) adj.
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Adj.1.compartmental - divided up into compartments or categories; "most sciences have become woefully compartmentalized"
compartmented - divided up or separated into compartments or isolated units; "a compartmented box"; "the protected and compartmented society of Beacon Hill"- John Mason Brown
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On the basis of product type, the global market for aluminium foil containers is segmented into compartmental and non-compartmental.
C2Dx's initial product portfolio consists of a compartmental pressure monitor recently acquired from a large, publicly traded medical device manufacturer.
Food and Drug Administration that it has been awarded a new funded cooperative agreement, for $250,000 per year for up to two years, to integrate drug product quality attributes into the mechanistic Transdermal Compartmental Absorption and Transit model in GastroPlus.
Despite the huge number of visitors, the broad sidewalks and winding, compartmental layout of the park, designed by architect Michael Van Valkenburgh, meant the foot traffic flowed easily, with always enough space for visitors to spread out and explore.
Summary: Patna (Bihar) [India], Sep 3 (ANI): The Bihar Secondary Education Board (BSEB) on Monday declared the results of the secondary compartmental examination, which revealed a pass percentage of 26.63 per cent only.
These responsible mechanisms are alterations in cell surface calcium-sensing receptor, alterations in transmembrane calcium trafficking protein expression, the role of non-membrane-bound calcium-binding proteins, resistance to apoptosis, increased compartmental calcium concentration initiating cancerous transformation, the cytoplasmic effects of high intracellular calcium, habituation of cells to lower levels of calcium.
This is reflecting the unconcerned and compartmental policies for this strategic sector.
The candidate would have to appear in the compartmental examination later.
He also promised the BSEB will hold compartmental exams soon.
Pharmacokinetic data were analyzed by noncompartmental methods and fit to a compartmental model through nonlinear mixed-effects regression, with feeding status and body weight investigated as covariates.
In the mathematical basis of a generic compartmental model, the constants k will appear denoting the outputs ([k.sub.i,j]) and inputs ([k.sub.i,j]) for each compartment.

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