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1. One of the parts or spaces into which an area is subdivided.
2. A separate room, section, or chamber: a storage compartment.
tr.v. com·part·ment·ed, com·part·ment·ing, com·part·ments
To compartmentalize: "The information has not been compartmented" (John H. Cushman, Jr.).

com′part·ment′al (kŏm′pärt-mĕn′tl) adj.
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Adj.1.compartmental - divided up into compartments or categories; "most sciences have become woefully compartmentalized"
compartmented - divided up or separated into compartments or isolated units; "a compartmented box"; "the protected and compartmented society of Beacon Hill"- John Mason Brown
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1) developed a deterministic SEIR (susceptible-exposed- infectious-recovered) compartmental model and a stochastic continuous-time Markov chain version (Figure).
It is precisely this unique mechanism of action that was recognized by the United States ("US") patent authorities in three separate patents titled: "Device and Methods for Compartmental Vessel Treatment," "Constraining Structure with Non-Linear Axial Elements," and "System and Method for Treating Biological Vessels.
The compartmental examination will be held on July 16.
He said that the syllabus of medical colleges of Pakistan revolves around the text books imported from America and Europe and medical graduates take a lot time in acclimatizing with the local needs during their professional life as compartmental education is being imparted to them.
Their topics include compartmental epidemic models, heterogeneity in epidemic models, modeling influenza, models for the transmission dynamics of HIV, and dynamic models of tuberculosis and applications.
My concern was exceeding the compartmental limits of the C-40A, specifically regarding weight/balance and center of gravity limits.
ISG has once again scored a 100 pass result with no compartmental in any subject as well.
Compartmental analysis of the plasma time-concentration curves after a single dose was performed using the pharmacokinetic computer program WinSAAM (Simulation Analysis and Modeling Software, version 3.
Derivation of parameters for single dose and for both compartmental and non-compartmental approaches for intravenous and extravenous dose in single compartment has been presented in a step-by-step manner.
The pad-mount transformer is compartmental type, self-cooled, as well as tamper- and weather-resistant, and it conforms to the enclosure security requirements of ANSI Standard C57.
Compartmental modeling is a special type of linear system modeling that is well developed and has had some success in the fields of biomathematics and environmental and chemical engineering.

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