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Deep awareness of the suffering of another accompanied by the wish to relieve it. See Synonyms at pity.

[Middle English compassioun, from Late Latin compassiō, compassiōn-, from compassus, past participle of compatī, to sympathize : Latin com-, com- + Latin patī, to suffer; see pē(i)- in Indo-European roots.]

com·pas′sion·less adj.


having no compassion
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This uncaring, compassionless gift to Labour would, of course, be an Old Etonian born with a silver dinner service in his mouth who marries an heiress, retains as a family servant the nanny who brought him up and is a City slicker owning not one but two vintage Bentleys, plus houses with enough space to single-handedly solve the nation's homelessness crisis.
Det Con Dave Cockbill, from the force's High Harm & Vulnerability Team, said: "We were dealing with three selfish, compassionless individuals.
What she finds is a compassionless place where love is viewed as a tool for manipulating those who are chained, and where faith is not often rewarded.
It is a response that mocks his compassionless and impractical knee-jerk politics.
The internet can be a wonderful thing, but not when there's a compassionless fool with a camera who thinks every heartbreak is just another hashtag.
Bateman, who played some of these same themes for comic effect in his own 2013 directorial debut, "Bad Words," seems completely at ease as a compassionless alpha who views the world in clearly demarcated terms of winners and losers.
I am not, or not only, talking about right-wing contempt for the poor, although the dominance of compassionless conservatism is a sight to behold.
Yet come the denouement, the audience was left feeling sorry for him - with the realisation he'd been raised and brainwashed to become a cold, compassionless killer by the Network (the aforementioned shadowy organisation) since the day he was born.
Cushing played to perfection the part of compassionless, emotionless, and lonely paralytic man, with a cheerless face, a cold arrogance, and a lack of love for his wife Isobel in which he saw only the reincarnation of the Princess Ananka, "the most beautiful woman in the world.
has ever been more nasty, mean-spirited, compassionless and extreme than it was under Margaret Thatcher.
The trouble with webs is it's all spiders and flies, They suck your blood 'til your heart dries, Another platform for the lies, Compassionless grid that crucifies and calcifies.
Alfred Prufrock" is not a love song but a critical appraisal of spiritually exhausted people in a compassionless, impersonal modern mega-city, Roy's Grasshoppers' is not a sylvan song of pastoral pleasures but a mournful dirge on the ruthlessness of our system.