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Deep awareness of the suffering of another accompanied by the wish to relieve it. See Synonyms at pity.

[Middle English compassioun, from Late Latin compassiō, compassiōn-, from compassus, past participle of compatī, to sympathize : Latin com-, com- + Latin patī, to suffer; see pē(i)- in Indo-European roots.]

com·pas′sion·less adj.
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having no compassion
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She told the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) 'every single one of us has needed help from somebody else at some point in our lives, and this administration has lost sight of this fact with this compassionless public charge rule publication'.
This weekend, she endorsed Home Secretary Sajid Javid, a man known to Scots (if he's known at all) as the new authority behind Britain's racist and compassionless hostile environment policy.
While people from both sides of the border were urging for the officer's safe return, Malik decided to post an extremely compassionless tweet sharing a picture of the officer, "Abhi Abhi Tu Ayo Ho...Achi Mehmaan Nawazi Ho GI Aap Ki," she wrote.
If we place the medical industry in Pakistan under the spotlight of what Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche said, we may reach the conclusion that the walls of anger, greed and ignorance had made the practitioner of such a noble profession to become compassionless.
Let's savour one of the most celebrated stanzas that describes a dawn of the quintessential Punjabi village where compassionless Mullah pressured by villagers reluctantly allows itinerant Ranjha to spend a night in the mosque.
Sad to say, we appear to have entered a compassionless era, one in which human suffering is being ignored and the lives of human beings devalued, depending on nationality or ethnicity.
This uncaring, compassionless gift to Labour would, of course, be an Old Etonian born with a silver dinner service in his mouth who marries an heiress, retains as a family servant the nanny who brought him up and is a City slicker owning not one but two vintage Bentleys, plus houses with enough space to single-handedly solve the nation's homelessness crisis.
Det Con Dave Cockbill, from the force's High Harm & Vulnerability Team, said: "We were dealing with three selfish, compassionless individuals.
What she finds is a compassionless place where love is viewed as a tool for manipulating those who are chained, and where faith is not often rewarded.
Crosby and the Human Thread place the campaign in the context of the globalization of indifference ft that Pope Francis has repeatedly spoken against throughout his papacy The priest, a four-plus-decades vet of corporate responsibility advocacy, said the postcards represent a concrete effort "to put teeth" on the pope's call for a change of heart away from compassionless consumerism.
The line could be further continued by adding that they allegedly "never ask a direct question; they steal; [and supposedly] an Arab only understands the fist; [plus] he is a double-dealer by nature", while they are also often portrayed as people who are "compassionless, cruel to one another, mistrustful of all outsiders, and stirred to religious hysteria by the least provocation" (Orfalea, 1988: 114), and are dirty (Christison, 1987: 397).
It is a response that mocks his compassionless and impractical knee-jerk politics.