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v. com·pen·sat·ed, com·pen·sat·ing, com·pen·sates
1. To offset; counterbalance.
2. To make satisfactory payment or reparation to; recompense or reimburse: Management compensated us for the time we worked.
3. To stabilize the purchasing power of (a monetary unit) by changing the gold content in order to counterbalance price variations.
To serve as or provide a substitute or counterbalance.

[Latin compēnsāre, compēnsāt- : com-, com- + pēnsāre, to weigh; see (s)pen- in Indo-European roots.]

com′pen·sa′tive (kŏm′pən-sā′tĭv, kəm-pĕn′sə-tĭv) adj.
com′pen·sa′tor n.
com·pen′sa·to′ry (kəm-pĕn′sə-tôr′ē) adj.
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Adj.1.compensated - receiving or eligible for compensation; "salaried workers"; "a stipendiary magistrate"
paid - marked by the reception of pay; "paid work"; "a paid official"; "a paid announcement"; "a paid check"
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For, viewed in this light, the wonderful comparative smallness of his brain proper is more than compensated by the wonderful comparative magnitude of his spinal cord.
The loss of a few sides in a highly-developed Polygon is not easily noticed, and is sometimes compensated by a successful operation in the Neo-Therapeutic Gymnasium, as I have described above; and the Circles are too much disposed to acquiesce in infecundity as a Law of the superior development.
For as to those who, through curiosity or a desire of learning, of their own accord, perhaps, offer him their services, besides that in general their promises exceed their performance, and that they sketch out fine designs of which not one is ever realized, they will, without doubt, expect to be compensated for their trouble by the explication of some difficulties, or, at least, by compliments and useless speeches, in which he cannot spend any portion of his time without loss to himself.
Chairman Muhammad Swazuri said all those whose lands were acquired for the venture were dully compensated in June 2015.
During the hearing, advocate general Sindh barrister Zameer Ghumro informed the families of 44 out of 52 slain lawyers have been compensated with Rs 500,000 each but eight of them were yet to be compensated.
owners in district Swat will be compensated by the end of the month said the spokesman on Tuesday.
Affected depositors and bond investors "should be compensated by those who were responsible," Georgiades said in a telephone interview on Thursday.
PESHAWAR -- Under the Prime Minister relief package, compensation to earthquake victims has been expedited in Khyber Pakthunkhwa, where heirs of 195 dead, 152 injured and 479 owners of destroyed houses were compensated till Tuesday evening.
Our own government followed the Australian and New Zealand governments as they compensated their Far East prisoners of war and paid them or their widows PS10,000.
Summary: Families that had properties damaged by a car bomb in Ashrafieh last year will be compensated LL5 million, the municipality of Beirut announced Thursday.
Global Banking News-January 24, 2013--Mis sold customers may be compensated in Spanish cash(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
In Nigeria, for example, affected farmers have yet to be compensated >50 million Nigerian Naira (>US$ 0.