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v. com·pen·sat·ed, com·pen·sat·ing, com·pen·sates
1. To offset; counterbalance.
2. To make satisfactory payment or reparation to; recompense or reimburse: Management compensated us for the time we worked.
3. To stabilize the purchasing power of (a monetary unit) by changing the gold content in order to counterbalance price variations.
To serve as or provide a substitute or counterbalance.

[Latin compēnsāre, compēnsāt- : com-, com- + pēnsāre, to weigh; see (s)pen- in Indo-European roots.]

com′pen·sa′tive (kŏm′pən-sā′tĭv, kəm-pĕn′sə-tĭv) adj.
com′pen·sa′tor n.
com·pen′sa·to′ry (kəm-pĕn′sə-tôr′ē) adj.


adjausgleichend, Ausgleichs-; compensating errors plsich gegenseitig aufhebende Fehler
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I went in and saw the surgeon labor awhile, but could not enjoy; it was much less trying to see the wounds given and received than to see them mended; the stir and turmoil, and the music of the steel, were wanting here--one's nerves were wrung by this grisly spectacle, whilst the duel's compensating pleasurable thrill was lacking.
A finance ministry sourcesaid that the ministry is currently looking into how to rehabilitate provident funds affected by the bail-in with an unspecified amount, adding that compensating bondholders was not on the agenda.
Existing receivers need to carry on phase recovery, which is used to detect the signal after compensating for distortion in the transmission path, but this has been problematic when the effect of the transmitter's distortion is significant.
He expressed the resolve for continuity in efforts for compensating and rehabilitating every flood affected family of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
We now have Colonel Gaddafi, pictured, and his Libyan government talking about compensating the victims of the IRA as they have admitted their involvement in arming the IRA, yet our own Government have compensated one group of POWs but not the others.
A correctly adjusted pendulum bowsight rotates with shooting angle, automatically compensating for downward shots out to 30 or 35 yards.
The audit committee must be directly responsible for appointing, compensating, retaining and overseeing the work of outside auditors.