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Were the interests and affairs of each individual State perfectly simple and uniform, a knowledge of them in one part would involve a knowledge of them in every other, and the whole State might be competently represented by a single member taken from any part of it.
One is quite justified in inferring that whatever one of these laws or customs was lacking in that remote time, its place was competently filled by a worse one.
I revered our theology, and aspired as much as any one to reach heaven: but being given assuredly to understand that the way is not less open to the most ignorant than to the most learned, and that the revealed truths which lead to heaven are above our comprehension, I did not presume to subject them to the impotency of my reason; and I thought that in order competently to undertake their examination, there was need of some special help from heaven, and of being more than man.
She did all that she had to do very competently, but seemed to feel no need of conversation; yet there was nothing unsociable in her.
He thought all this quickly, clearly, competently, like a seaman, and in the end remained puzzled.
The Republic of Djibouti also praised the high professional defense capability of the coalition forces which dealt with this attack efficiently and competently, affirming its firm position and solidarity with Saudi Arabia.
The 35th European Championships in Rhythmic Gymnastics in Baku has been organized competently, Irina Viner-Usmanova, President of the Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation, toldTrend.
When I was Chair of Family Medicine at Cleveland Clinic, I asked my specialty colleagues what percentage of the referred patients they saw in their offices could be managed competently by a well-trained family physician.
And just 15% feel immigration is managed competently and fairly, with a meagre 13% trusting MPs to tell the truth about the subject.
She continued: 'In the end, when the Court of Appeal, the three Appeals Court Judges gave a verdict on whether this money was procured fraudulently, and my role in the issue came up, they all insisted Betty Mould-Iddrisu, as Attorney General, acted professionally; she acted competently; she followed due diligence, and that was it.
He also lauded their high competence, patriotism and readiness to perform their duties competently and perfectly.
Nothing less than a systematic competently formulated national road map will make the imperative of intercropping between coconut trees come true.