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But there won't be any long compilation film on the news - it will be in Pig Breeders Weekly.
As well as live entertainment on the night, the assembled crowd will also be shown a compilation film, showcasing the highlights of the cultural scene in 2014, which has been put together by media students from Sunderland University.
Van Persie confided: "I watched a compilation film of my goals with my son Shaqueel.
Other highlights include the German premieres of the compilation film "The Fourth Dimension"--featuring a segment by Harmony Korine--and Dree Hemingway's breakout turn in Sean Baker's "Starlet.
The Russian documentary film-maker Esther Schub (1894-1959) had taken the compilation film (a documentary 'compiled' from existing film rather than made with specially shot original footage) to new heights with the films she had made to mark the tenth anniversary of the Russian Revolution, Fall of the Romanov Dynasty and The Great Road (both made in 1927).
Twenty-nine original films and one compilation film were made between 1958 and 1978 at Pinewood Studios, with an additional film made in 1992.
And while Debord did not invent the feature-length compilation film, his work continues to throw into sharp and critical relief the use of preexisting material.
At a third level, The Fog of War addresses its topic employing a variation on the compilation film, best known in the work of Emile de Antonio, through revealing documentary facts that are utilized as part of a raft of complex issues to do with historical understanding and remaking.
Police were alerted and found the covert camera and viewed the video films he had made,including a compilation film of the girl.
Then Bjork and her best friend, Catherine Deneuve, go to work in a factory, where they break into a number presumably inspired by the 1997 documentary East Side Story, Dana Ranga's delightful compilation film about Soviet-bloc musicals.
Loznitsa's documentary work has remained lesser known, but this is rapidly changing as a result of the directly political connotations of his most recent films: Maidan (2014), which documents the dramatic unfolding of the Euromaidan protests of 2013 and 2014 in Kiev, and The Event (2015), a compilation film about the anti-governmental protests that took place in Leningrad during the attempted coup d'etat of August 1991.