compiled language

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com·piled language

A programming language whose programs are typically translated into machine language by a compiler before being executed.
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Fun fact: there is no such thing as an interpreted language or a compiled language; whether a language is interpreted or compiled is dependent on the nature of its implementation.
Our experiments considering two different implementation perspectives (i.e., interpreted language and compiled language) show that IASC2 and KMA2 outperform EKMA and EIASC.
Onboard control system is implemented on a compiled language and any update requires them to be re-compiled and restarted.
Although it's possible to use a problem-solving environment, such as Maple or Matlab, to solve many of the problems, the author recommends that students 'get their hands dirty' by writing programs in a compiled language. Bare bones programs are provided in the text and on the companion CD-ROM.
In effect, they have turned Java into a compiled language such as C/C++.
Microwave Office allows the application to be controlled from any programming language or scripting engine, such as Visual Basic, Java Script, or a compiled language, such as Visual C++.
It should be rewritten in a compiled language, using database techniques to reduce its tremendous redundancy.
Several years ago, I compiled language from a variety of sources which I felt reflected the moral and ethical standard for persons who find themselves in the position of directing the lives of people with disabilities.
Now even though it's a compiled language, I don't need an interpreter or any other dependency on the operating system.
We use dynamic interpreted language Python instead of static compiled language such as C++, Java.
Uses statistical packages in development of compiled language software applications that invoke statistical routines via runtime-library calls, and in other software development and systems analysis.
Compiled languages are generally faster, as the translation happens before the program is actually executed.