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1. Satisfied with the current situation and unconcerned with changing it, often to the point of smugness: "a geologic cautionary tale for a complacent world accustomed to reliable infusions of cheap energy" (Paul Roberts).
2. Eager to please; complaisant.

[Latin complacēns, complacent-, present participle of complacēre, to please : com-, intensive pref.; see com- + placēre, to please; see plāk- in Indo-European roots.]

com·pla′cent·ly adv.
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Adv.1.complacently - in a self-satisfied manner; "he complacently lived out his life as a village school teacher"
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[kəmˈpleɪsəntlɪ] ADVde modo satisfecho
he looked at me complacentlyme miró con expresión de autosatisfacción
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[kəmˈpleɪsəntli] adv
(in a self-satisfied way)avec suffisance
to smile complacently → sourire avec suffisance
(= unthinkingly) → complaisamment
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advselbstzufrieden or -gefällig; those who complacently accept their parents’ beliefsdiejenigen, die die Ansichten ihrer Eltern unreflektiert übernehmen
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(kəmˈpleisnt) adjective
showing satisfaction with one's own situation. a complacent attitude.
comˈplacence, comˈplacency noun
comˈplacently adverb
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Bolter complacently. 'The pots I took off airy railings, and the milk-can was standing by itself outside a public-house.
He chirruped, and then complacently continued: "My wives at this moment receiving the sound of one of my voices, closely followed by the other, and perceiving that the latter reaches them after an interval in which sound can traverse 6.457 inches, infer that one of my mouths is 6.457 inches further from them than the other, and accordingly know my shape to be 6.457 inches.
Having for some time attentively observed these demonstrations of good cheer, I entered the Ti, where Mehevi sat complacently looking out upon the busy scene, and occasionally issuing his orders.
One boy complacently announced that he had found eleven sticks of dynamite on the beach.
Under the storm of denunciation Brissenden complacently sipped his toddy and affirmed that everything the other said was quite true, with the exception of the magazine editors.
'I guess I know who that's for,' said Fergus, who stood looking on while I complacently examined the volume.
The objects among which her mind had moved complacently were all gone,--all the little hopes and schemes and speculations, all the pleasant little cares about her treasures which had made the world quite comprehensible to her for a quarter of a century, since she had made her first purchase of the sugar-tongs, had been suddenly snatched away from her, and she remained bewildered in this empty life.
"It was a momentary want of concentration," said Challenger complacently. "You can consider the matter settled.
This was an airy slim boy in shrimp-colored tights that made him look like a forked carrot, the rest of his gear was blue silk and dainty laces and ruffles; and he had long yellow curls, and wore a plumed pink satin cap tilted complacently over his ear.
A figure with streaming black locks was staying the blow, and this, Rebecca explained complacently, was intended as a likeness of herself, though she was rather vague as to the method she should use in attaining her end.
Waldengarver looked up at us complacently, and said:
The balls might be heard peppering the facade of the Palais Royal, and one of them, passing under D'Artagnan's arm, entered and broke a mirror, in which Porthos was complacently admiring himself.