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Adv.1.complainingly - with complaints; "she did her work, but she did so complainingly"
uncomplainingly - without complaining; "an equally gallant little wife and mother uncomplainingly keeping up the production of tasty and nourishing meals"
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He mewed complainingly, a puzzled note in his voice.
Fred paused a moment, and then said, rather complainingly, "And she ought to acknowledge that I have worked in order to pass.
The eyes, weasel-like and cruel, were looking at him complainingly.
A voice answered from within: "Tell him I cannot see anyone," it said complainingly.
If you must break the habit of a lifetime,' said Mr Mifflin, complainingly, 'I wish you would wait till we get ashore.
And, as if these words, spoken calmly, had been the portent of misfortune, she answered with a loud wail that must have been heard across the yard in the pig-sty; for the pigs (the Bacadous had the finest pigs in the country) stirred and grunted complainingly in the night.
No doubt it would have been a thought more comfortable if the driving rain, which now poured down more soakingly than ever, had admitted of a window being opened, or if our number had been something less than thirty; but there was scarcely time to think as much, when a train of three horses was attached to the tow-rope, the boy upon the leader smacked his whip, the rudder creaked and groaned complainingly, and we had begun our journey.