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adj. Informal
Marked by or having a particular facial complexion. Often used in combination: "A white-haired and ruddy-complected priest stood on the deck of one of the trawlers" (New York Times).

[Back-formation from complection, variant of complexion.]


(in combination) a US dialect word for complexioned


(kəmˈplɛk tɪd)

complexioned: a light-complected child.
[1800–10, Amer.; complect-, back formation from complexion, presumably taken as *complection + -ed3]
usage: Although criticized by some as a dialectal or nonstandard formation, complected occurs in educated speech and occasionally in edited writing.
References in classic literature ?
Lorenzo was dark complected, you remember, and this child is, too.
They say this wilderness is populated with a scattering few hundred thousand billions of red angels, with now and then a curiously complected DISEASED one.
Contrary to suggestions made elsewhere in the play attesting to Salomes somatic darkness, both men describe her as beautiful and light complected.
Aasma Jehangir said that the Kashmir issue was not a complected issue as compared to other global issues, which could not be resolved easily.
Earliest depictions featured lightly complected natives in dignified poses, engaging in industrious activity or nurturing the young.
Mineral-based base was once the powdery province of infomercials with B-list casts who were not afraid to let the late-night cable world see them in their blemished "before" states and then in their smoothly complected, smiling "after" shots.
Her mother's family did not accept her because she seemed too dark complected, and her father's side of the family did not accept her because she seemed to be too light complected.
5) </pre> <p>When this olive complected, dark skinned Jew arrives in Smyrna, upon witnessing "his oriental brethren" (p.
I have always understood that our dark complected cousins were "proud to be black" ( not that the colour of a person's skin makes any difference.