complement fixation

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complement fixation

The binding of active serum complement to an antigen-antibody pair. It is the basis for various diagnostic tests to detect the presence of a specific antigen or antibody.

com′plement fixa`tion

the binding of complement to immune complexes or to certain foreign surfaces, as those of invading microorganisms.
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Noun1.complement fixation - an immune response in which an antigen-antibody combination inactivates a complement (so it is unavailable to participate in a second antigen-antibody combination)
immune reaction, immune response, immunologic response - a bodily defense reaction that recognizes an invading substance (an antigen: such as a virus or fungus or bacteria or transplanted organ) and produces antibodies specific against that antigen
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Extended incubation on the other hand increases the time period allowed for antigenantibody interaction and complement fixation.
Of particular interest to the aims of this study was the MAGV-like isolate designated OBS6657, which was previously identified by complement fixation as a MAGV-like virus, after isolation from a symptomatic patient in Peru.
capsulatum, focusing on three distinct test groups: (i) antibody detection tests, including immunodiffusion, complement fixation and latex agglutination; (ii) antigen detection tests, including enzyme immunoassays (EIAs); and (iii) molecular methods.
Before 2006, Q fever serological diagnostic testing available to our facility was the complement fixation method.
Viral serology was done by complement fixation method at Virology Department.
It is associated with a positive coccodiodin skin test and negative complement fixation titers.
Material and Methods: Patients with clinical suspicion of chickenpox during the outbreak were confirmed by laboratory tests including complement fixation test using commercial antigen of Virion/Serion of Germany and Immunoglobulin M for Varicella zoster virus by enzyme linked immunosorbent assay of Vircell, Spain.
However, the serum Coccidioides IgM and IgG by EIA were both positive, as well as Coccidioides immunodiffusion for antibodies, but Coccidioides antibody complement fixation and pleural fluid Coccidioides antigen were negative.
Complement Fixation Test [CFT]: CFT is performed using either whole leptospiral cells or soluble extracts.
Laboratory tests typically used for coccidioidomycosis diagnosis include complement fixation, immunodiffusion, enzyme immunoassay, culture, histopathology, and PCR.
1) Anti body detection by complement fixation, immuno-diffusion, and enzyme immunoassay (EIA) has also been described, but the diagnostic yield of these methods are not high.

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