complement fixation

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complement fixation

The binding of active serum complement to an antigen-antibody pair. It is the basis for various diagnostic tests to detect the presence of a specific antigen or antibody.
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com′plement fixa`tion

the binding of complement to immune complexes or to certain foreign surfaces, as those of invading microorganisms.
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Noun1.complement fixation - an immune response in which an antigen-antibody combination inactivates a complement (so it is unavailable to participate in a second antigen-antibody combination)
immune reaction, immune response, immunologic response - a bodily defense reaction that recognizes an invading substance (an antigen: such as a virus or fungus or bacteria or transplanted organ) and produces antibodies specific against that antigen
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Immunodiffusion and complement fixation tests to detect antibodies to H.
The accuracy and reproducibility of the immunodiffusion test which correlates with complement fixation. Tech.
The virus was quickly recognized as an influenza A virus by complement fixation tests.
Thirty-eight persons had laboratory evidence of Mycoplasma infection: all had convalescent-phase serum antibody titers for Mycoplasma [greater than or equal to]32 by complement fixation (CF), 22 (58%) had CF titers of [greater than or equal to]128, and four (11%) had a fourfold rise in CF titers.
capsulatum was positive for H and M bands, but a specimen was not submitted to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Atlanta, Georgia, USA, for complement fixation testing.
Five of five paired acute-and convalescent-phase serum specimens showed a fourfold or greater rise in antibody titer to influenza type A by complement fixation. LDHH advised restricting contact between residents.
A complement fixation assay has been developed for detection of EYAV (6).
The virus was identified by complement fixation test and confirmed by reverse transcription--polymerase chain reaction.
A few cases were diagnosed on the basis of symptoms exhibited by animals infected with isolated rickettsiae and complement fixation tests, in addition to results of the Weil-Felix tests.
Persons meeting the clinical case definition were considered to have had laboratory confirmed coccidioidomycosis if a complement fixation (CF) antibody titer of [greater than or equal to] 1:2 was present or if either of the immunodiffusion tests showed a band of identity.
Complement fixation (CF) tests were performed according to a microtechnique modified from Fulton and Dumbell (22), using 2 full U of guinea pig complement and the sucrose-acetone extracted CHIKV mad ONNV antigens described earlier.

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