complementary angle

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complementary angle

(Mathematics) either of two angles whose sum is 90°. Compare supplementary angle
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com′plemen′tary an′gle

art at complex fraction

either of two angles that added together produce an angle of 90°. Compare supplementary angle.
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where v' is the complementary angle of InSAR's depression angle.
To add a contrasting but complementary angle, women who were frustrated and alienated but who did not resist or organize are also featured in the study.
This interaction is evaluated through the complementary angle formed between EM and EF and functions as a continuum, varying from null (0) to maximum (4).
It is the complementary angle of the real functional cutting angle, between v and D, so the equation (8) occurs.
Although my house is at 42[degrees] north latitude, in the interest of making my life at the table saw easier, I opted to cut the various wedge pieces at 45[degrees] instead of 48[degrees] (the complementary angle of my latitude).
sin[Theta] replaces cos[Theta] since the geometry defines [Theta] as the complementary angle.

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