complementary distribution

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complemen′tary distribu′tion

a relationship between linguistic items, esp. speech sounds, that have no environment in common, as aspirated (p) and unaspirated (p) in English.
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Noun1.complementary distribution - (linguistics) a distribution of related speech sounds or forms in such a way that they only appear in different contexts
dispersion, distribution - the spatial or geographic property of being scattered about over a range, area, or volume; "worldwide in distribution"; "the distribution of nerve fibers"; "in complementary distribution"
linguistics - the scientific study of language
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komplementäre Distribution
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"Ma'aden is acquiring unparalleled access to complementary distribution, blending and product development capabilities in this fast-growth region," said Hassan Al Ali, senior vice president for Phosphate at Ma'aden.
"Ma'aden is acquiring unparalleled access to complementary distribution, blending and product-development capabilities in this fast-growth region," said Hassan Al-Ali, Ma'aden's senior vice president for phosphate.
For its part, Euronet said that both companies have highly complementary distribution channels that will best position the combined business to grow in the highly fragmented global money transfer industry that is projected by the World Bank to expand by 4% annually over the next two years.
In phonemic theory, allophones are said to be in complementary distribution when their environments do not overlap.
Complementary distribution and limited product overlap expected to drive future revenue growth.
"Both companies have complementary distribution channels and excellent reputations."
Meanwhile, Bidvest Namibia, has confirmed this week that it is currently negotiating an agreement with 'foreign representatives' for complementary distribution and services interests towards the company's fishing, freight management, food services, industrial and commercial products.
The interpretive project is to make sense of the complementary distribution of the two broad groupings of gospel musics, between the two social contexts of worship services and concerts.
Two distribution agreements were signed in 2007 with major players in the Indian pharmaceutical market--Ranbaxy and Aristo Pharmaceuticals--which guarantee Institut Rosell-Lallemand complementary distribution channels to gain access to the entire market in that country.
American Home Food Products has said it intends to rapidly expand the distribution of Artisanal's product line by executing on strategic relationships with major companies in each of the four complementary distribution channels that Artisanal's products serve: foodservice, retail, print catalogue and e-commerce.

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