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Noun1.complete fracture - break involving the entire width of the bone
fracture, break - breaking of hard tissue such as bone; "it was a nasty fracture"; "the break seems to have been caused by a fall"
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The priority here is to avoid complete fracture of a raceway, which would lead to blocking of a disc, leading to damage of multiple discs."
WASHINGTON -- Newly released documents show that a former adviser to Russia's president sustained a complete fracture of his neck "at or near the time of his death" in a Washington hotel room in 2015.
Histologically, a complete fracture was shown in the coronal third of the root extending on the buccolingual plane (H&E stain, Fig.
A successful outcome was defined as complete fracture healing and the ability to bear weight and ambulate using the affected limb.
The strains with Europe over trade and security are so serious that a complete fracture, and the threat of an arms race between previously allied European nations, is no longer impossible.
An x-ray revealed a complete fracture of his thigh bone and he was forced to undergo surgery, with expected recovery time of up to six months.
An x-ray revealed a complete fracture of his thigh bone and he was forced to undergo surgery, with an expected recovery time of up to six months.
[2] More than 50% of them have an associated ulnar fracture, which is usually an ulnar styloid fracture but can be a distal ulnar plastic deformation, greenstick or complete fracture. [5] In our case also, there was greenstick fracture of the distal end of ulna on right side.
There were two complete fracture sites in the metallic biliary stent (arrow), located at the upper biliary stenosis and duodenal ampulla, respectively.
Thus, after initiation of tensile cracks, the UHPC loses strength and stiffness in part, where steel fibers at cracked parts entirely endure complete fracture in shear and axial directions with respect to their standing position.
One year later, i.e., three years after surgery, the patient seek further assistance because of the sudden severe hip pain, and the radiographs showed complete fracture of the nail at both the proximal and the distal holes (Figure 6).

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