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A word in a phrase or a morpheme in a word that conveys completeness, such as up in drink up.
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Characteristics of companies in these rating levels include, limited scale and breath of offering, replicable completive advantages, and low geographic and end market diversification.
The events are designed to provide young players with a chance to play completive fixtures in a format that is appropriate for their ages, all within the spirit of rugby's core values of teamwork, respect, enjoyment, discipline and sportsmanship.
The company have a commitment and dedication to deliver best quality skincare, health, nutrition, supplements and dietary products at completive price with quality promise.
During the week 6 halter, started yearlings found homes through silent completive bidding.
As the current contract with the existing vendor expires in mid-September 2017, the CCC Technology Center issued a completive RFP to secure a contract that provides a purchasing and pricing framework for help desk services as needed to support certain CCC system wide technology solutions.
In his role, Shaun will be supporting customers across the North East in achieving their business aspirations through efficient and completive lending for residential developments, residential investments, and commercial investments up to PS2m.
This is a nation that has all of the key ingredients for investor confidence: economic diversity, a highly completive tax regime, investor-friendly regional trade and tax arrangements - all underpinned by a working democracy, independent judiciary and a global reputation for transparency.
From the Functional Integrating Principle to a Completive Reading
com/2016/11/06/politics/wikileaks-dnc-emails-surprise/) caused major disruption to Clinton's campaign in the closing months of a very completive election with Trump, and they have served as one of Trump's main battering rams against Clinton, leading him to tag her with the nickname "Crooked Hillary.
Gaby in one of the few females in the highly completive entertainment industry who not only owns the rights to her TV show, but also a television studio.
The experimental result indicates that the method can not only yield completive accuracy but also greatly improve computing speed.
Sir in our developing countries including Pakistan, market are not completive so invisible hand is not working properly.