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Among dependent clauses are subordinated clauses, completives and relatives, although not all of them are a trigger for P-H.
mais les completives apparaissent a l'analyse comme des relatives (ou des integratives) incompletes, le que completif etant un pronom neutre, attribut d'un etre sous-jacent.
Operant forms may be categorized as simple anteriors (actions prior to reference time), perfectives (past actions bounded temporally) or completives (actions done fully to completion); all in the variably close context of a present-tense ("here now") relevance frame (adapted from Joan Bybee et al.
Les narrations de Felime (quatrieme et sixieme segments) vent des analepses completives et integratives, puisqu'elles corrigent et completent certaines donnees diegetiques anterieures et etablissent ainsi la coherence du recit.
This paper examines the auxiliary verb constructions V-a/e pelita in Korean and V-te shimau in Japanese as markers of both completive aspect and speaker stance.