complex plane

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complex plane

A plane whose points have complex numbers as their coordinates.

com′plex plane′

a plane the points of which are complex numbers.
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the domain supplemented to the complete complex plane by [S.
Technical and operational studies (the study) will be its content to address the issue of high-speed tracks (VRT) in the complex plane.
We particularly study the case k = 2, for which we characterize the boundary of the region in the complex plane contained in W (A), where pairs of complex conjugate Ritz values are located.
Among the topics are arithmetic and topology in the complex plane, holomorphic functions and differential forms, isolated singularities of holomorphic functions, harmonic functions, the Riemann mapping theorem and Dirichlet's problem, and the complex Fourier transform.
In this paper we investigate the so-called extended eigenvalues and extended eigenvectors and cyclicity problems for some convolution operators acting on the space of analytic functions defined on the starlike domain D of the complex plane.
But in view of the result in (2), the same operator can take values in the complex plane C except two slits R(w) = 0, |[?
Complex interpolation is a linear interpolation in the complex plane and as can be seen in Figure 3, interpolating in the complex plane, lead to smaller amplitudes.
The analytic side treats those functions as functions in the complex plane and leads to precise characterization of limit distributions.
Portugal) presents the theory of functions of a complex variable, starting with the complex plane and proceeding through the calculus residues and power series to the conformal mapping.
are introduced in the unit disc of the complex plane by Begehr [14].
Accounts for complex plane shapes, including cut-outs, wires, solder balls, solder bumps and via structures.

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