complex variable

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complex variable

An expression of the form x + iy, where x and y are real variables and i2 = -1.
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com′plex var′iable

a variable to which complex numbers may be assigned as value.
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In the case of one complex variable, the set S([B.sup.1]) is denoted by S and LS([B.sup.1]) is denoted by LS.
where s is the complex variable and the coefficients [k.sub.A1], [k.sub.A2], [k.sub.A3], [k.sub.B1], [k.sub.B2], [k.sub.B3] are determined based on the desired shape of the frequency characteristics (cut-off frequency, passband gain, pass-band ripple, stop-band slope, etc.).
We may find in the literature a large variety of convergent or asymptotic expansions of the special functions of mathematical physics that have the important property of being given in terms of elementary functions: direct or inverse powers of a certain complex variable z and, sometimes, other elementary functions of z.
The numerical solution of two-dimensional Laplace equation with Dirichlet boundary conditions in doubly connected domain has been introduced by many authors; for example, the complex variable boundary element methods has been presented in [5].
Let x be a complex variable with [absolute value of x] < 1.
They introduced the complex variable derivation into the traditional conjugate gradient method, calculated the sensitivity coefficients accurately, and identified the boundary conditions [5].
The theory of several complex variables derives from the theory of one complex variable.
The subject of basic sets of polynomials in one complex variable, in its classical form, was introduced by Whittaker [1, 2] who laid down the definition of basic sets, basic series, and effectiveness of basic sets.
where [psi](j[omega]) is the function which all poles by complex variable j[omega] are negative; [psi](-j[omega]) is the function which all poles by complex variable j[omega] are positive.
With this, now our TIJ can finally help to address the need to mark complex variable data directly on food packaging.
This technique is based on joint use of boundary integral equations method and the apparatus of the complex variable theory.

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