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Of or having a specified complexion. Often used in combination: fair-complexioned.


(in combination) of a specified complexion: light-complexioned.


(kəmˈplɛk ʃənd)

having a specified complexion (usu. used in combination): a light-complexioned person.
References in classic literature ?
Oh, no, said he, looking a sort of diabolically funny, the harpooneer is a dark complexioned chap.
Both were fair complexioned and slenderly made; both possessed faces full of distinction and intelligence.
The former was a native of Tennessee, about six feet high, strong built, dark complexioned, brave in spirit, though mild in manners.
He was of the middle size, light complexioned, and though but about twenty-five years of age, was considered an experienced Indian trader.
The young man turned round, surprised, and saw a dark complexioned girl, who, with a finger on her lip, held out her other hand to him.
The man whom I found myself facing was a well built, fresh- complexioned young fellow, with a frank, honest face and a slight, crisp, yellow mustache.
That honour belongs to the late Anjali Mendes, Pierre Cardin's muse, who did not get the media attention she should have because she wrote her cookbook in French and spent her life in Paris ( she would regale us with stories of how she was too tall and too dark to find a job as a model in a society fixated on fair- complexioned girls').
Here was this deep cocoa complexioned woman with her hair pulled back who moved with such grace and power that I had to control myself from fawning all over her.
In general, however, we did not indulge in any of the colour-coding we often heard around us, which, as many of us have experienced, is often done within the hearing of the "fair" and the "dusky" complexioned who are the subjects of these comparisons.
A reporter described Norman as being in his late 20s, dark complexioned, with a full beard, cropped closely and pointed, with clear-cut features, large bright brown eyes, dark hair, and an easy manner.
Rick Waterman, a well-known Californian lawyer married to a Malayalee lady, who is very fair complexioned, checked into a similar hotel.
Police said the fair complexioned baby, apparently aged two days, was found by a worker of the cafeteria.