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a. Inclined or willing to comply; obedient: compliant inmates.
b. Medicine Properly following a prescribed course of treatment: a patient who was not compliant with his medications.
2. Displaying compliance: gave compliant responses.
3. In compliance, as with a standard or regulation: compliant with state emissions standards; Medicare-compliant documentation.

com·pli′ant·ly adv.
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[kəmˈplaɪəntlɪ] advarrendevolmente
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"Be kind enough, then, madame, to act more compliantly."
An observation addressed to the air, and yet it might be addressed to the passenger, so compliantly does he go on along the High Street until he comes to an arched gateway, at which he unexpectedly vanishes.
In addition, we are now expanding our wastewater treatment protocol to better assist licensed producers domestically and internationally to reclaim, reuse or compliantly discharge all facility wastewater generated in the cultivation of cannabis.'
Operating compliantly is for everyone in the financial sector, including fintechs, but the problems with money laundering can only be solved by everyone pulling together.
Speaking about the event, Karen Coyle, Client Relationship Manager at Biocair, comments that "For over 30 years we have solved many complex logistical problems and, as a result, have gained a huge amount of knowledge on how to ship biological samples on-time, efficiently and compliantly in line with all international regulations.
The partnership enables Bank ABC's new mobile-only bank to compliantly onboard new individual customers using Jumio's award-winning biometric-based identity verification technology.
For over 30 years, Jordan Lawrence has provided privacy and information governance solutions to over 1,000 corporations to enable them to manage corporate data compliantly, defensibly and cost effectively.
Infinito builds and operates an Ecosystem of products, solutions and services, either ready-made or custom tailored, to help businesses and developers seamlessly implement, develop, and run blockchain applications securely, efficiently and compliantly.
This followed an introduction to our technology disposal partner, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), who ensured that ICAS's obsolete technology was disposed of compliantly and with all data bearing devices being erased.
"If he sought to reenter the industry he would need to demonstrate he was capable of operating compliantly and there could be no repetition of the appalling facts as found by me."
Nearly 150,000 organizations leverage Exostar to help them collaborate securely, efficiently, and compliantly with their partners and suppliers.