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n. pl. com·pli·ca·cies
1. The state of being complicated.
2. A complication.
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n, pl -cies
a less common word for complexity
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(ˈkɒm plɪ kə si)

n., pl. -cies.
1. the state of being complicated; complicatedness.
2. a complication.
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Amina Malik said, "Despite all these medical complicacies, my brother, Muhammad Yasin Malik, is neither being provided with any medical facility that is actually guaranteed to a prisoner nor is his solitary confinement ending despite many of our pleas before the court.
Despite all these medical complicacies, Yasin Malik is not being provided with any medical facility despite many of pleas before the court, she lamented, adding that if they are not providing him necessary medical care, release him on bail so that they could provide him the much-needed medical care and save his life.
According to World Health Organization (WHO), among the top five reasons of deaths globally two were lung and respiratory complicacies. Tobacco use and secondhand smoke create lung cancer, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Tuberculosis and Asthma.
We will also urge Chairman FBR to simplify tax payment procedures, as most of the people simply do not file their tax returns due to intricacies and complicacies involved in the whole process.
It would have used it in treating those who emerged from the killings with complicacies. It would have used it in giving a better life to those children whose parents were murdered by the army and have to live on donations from other IMN members.
We had a target of about 10,000 MW by 2000/2001.which we could not achieve so far Therefore there is a need for identifying difficulty zones; is it the availability of natural U-235 deposit; technical complicacies & associated delay in enriching, or conversion to U-238/insignificant recoverable U-238[Prognosticated/Proved reserves: Atomic Minerals Division & Uranium Corporation of India Ltd.]or gestation period; or problem in land acquisition associated with tolerable seismicity or the very basic question whether the entire Nuclear Power Corporation is only for strategic purpose adhering to the signed nonproliferation treaty or to solve other socio-economic problem.
" The environmental experts of these countries will learn about how to make a reserve forest, forest laws, its complicacies and enhancement of forest areas, breeding of birds, preservation of ecological values besides the manmade hurdles faced by birds during migration," said Raj Kumar Bhatia, DFO of Gurgaon range.
Additional Prosecutor Balochistan said that the case has many legal and constitutional complicacies; so the petitioner of the case, Jamil Bugti, should be issued a notice.
Additionally, the antioxidant potential of the same test principles would ameliorate age- and stress-related oxidative status in potential health care formulations, thus preventing further complicacies associated with the onset of diabetes mellitus.
What complicacies Pakistan's agenda is its significant geostrategic location American intervention in 2001, and a host of domestic challenges to its democracy, governance and national unity.