n. pl. com·pli·ca·cies
1. The state of being complicated.
2. A complication.


n, pl -cies
a less common word for complexity


(ˈkɒm plɪ kə si)

n., pl. -cies.
1. the state of being complicated; complicatedness.
2. a complication.
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Ahead of this, India used Atoms for Peace agreements in the 1960s to further its nuclear weapons programme creating more complicacy in the region.
'If any complicacy is noticed during checkups, the CHCPs refer those women to Upazila Health Complex or nearby government hospitals,' Nazma added.
In a statement on Thursday, the HCSTSI President said that due to complicacy and delay in downloading the required form, the business community is facing difficulty in timely filing the tax return forms.
Epidemiologic findings obtained in this study are in agreement with many studies dealing with dental trauma and might profit to clarify the complicacy of dental trauma epidemiology and might eventually decrease the increasing incidence of TDI.
If they do not like the final draft, they can terminate the order anytime, and money will be refunded without any complicacy.
Apparently, the optimal solution for the new decomposition model is that the scattering is constant throughout the whole X-ray image; this solution is unrealistic because of the complicacy of scattering.
However, UNDEXs have some degree of uncertainty and complicacy where the two main parameters of depth and standoff distance have significant effects on the spatiotemporal distribution of impinging load on structures.
The intentional inversion of the normal word order in this line results in the skillful anastrophe that artistically reflects the complicacy and intricacy of the long adverbial "When." clause in the first eight lines.
First, assume that commodity attributes carry not only an internal variability, but also differ in their nature in terms of transparency and complicacy. In other words, some attributes have direct measurement, while others attributes have indirect measurement (Sykuta & Parcell, 2003).
All these stake-holders of labour market used to avoid any sort of written agreement from legal complicacy point of view.
The interaction between land use type of the central cell and land use type of the neighborhood cell is usually equivalent during calculation [29], which has simplified the computation complicacy. However, this also covered the issue of acting direction of land use type, as the transition of land use type of central cell is based on independent neighborhood scenario.