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1. Containing intricately combined or involved parts. See Synonyms at complex.
2. Not easy to understand or analyze because of being intricate: a complicated personality.

com′pli·cat′ed·ly adv.
com′pli·cat′ed·ness n.
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Noun1.complicatedness - puzzling complexity
complexity, complexness - the quality of being intricate and compounded; "he enjoyed the complexity of modern computers"
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Similarly, in Pakistan, educational institutions experience similar complicatedness in teaching, curriculum, resources, recruitment of teachers, schools, fast technological advancement, the involvement of parents and the pressure of politicians deriving from increasing need for superiority, dispersion of knowledge, competition, varying nature of supporting instruments and internationalization.
Beyond the chaos, the complicatedness, there is a flavor of love that holds everything together.
The complicatedness of the K-Electric deal remained unresolved during a meeting of the CCoP on Friday, according to officials of Ministry of Privatization, reported an English daily.
Abu Madi's poetry lack the philosophical complicatedness of the three romantic poets mentioned above since he did not highlight Wordsworthian pantheistic naturalism, Coleridgean theism, and Shelleyean platonic idealism.
Based on this consideration, this study carries out power system model identification according to the frequency domain self-excited method, and then the low-order system can be utilized to approximate the original system, which greatly reduces the calculation complicatedness and improves the calculation effectiveness.
In RSA, this irregularity is based on the sensible complicatedness of factoring the product of two huge prime numbers, the factoring problem.
(55.) Compare Page, supra note 52, at 117-18, 144 (distinguishing difficulty and complexity), with Ruhl & Katz, supra note 47, at 201-02 (discussing differences between focus on "complicatedness" and system behavior).
[and] much of environmental and natural resources law remain based in paradigms of complicatedness, predictability, and stationarity...
Clarity is required nowadays to deal with complexity, even though, as some literature in the field emphasizes, it is not so much complexity as "complicatedness" which makes organizations stall:
Assuming that Go and Shogi games are complicated enough, many jobs in our economy equivalent to those games in terms of their complicatedness would be to a large extent replaced by AI.