complimentary close

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complimentary close

A word or phrase, such as Yours truly, placed at the end of a letter or email message before the writer's signature as a polite gesture.

com′plimen′tary close′


also com′plimen′tary clos′ing,

the part of a letter that by convention immediately precedes the signature, as “Very truly yours,” “Cordially,” or “Sincerely yours.”
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This text would be automatically typed out when you hold down the ALT-C key combination (for "complimentary close") that you have assigned to the macro.
In addition, following the work of Paul Zumthor, she states that another essential characteristic is that epistolary practice draws attention to itself; this occurs through such elements as "superscription, subscription, salutation, securing of goodwill and complimentary close - [which] often contain thematic references to the act of corresponding" (29).