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or Com·pline  (kŏm′plĭn, -plīn′) also com·plin or Com·plin (-plĭn)
n. Ecclesiastical
1. The last of the canonical hours, recited or sung just before retiring.
2. The time of day appointed for this service.

[Middle English, alteration (probably influenced by matines, matins) of compli, from Old French complie, from Medieval Latin (hōra) complēta, final (hour), from Latin complētus, past participle of complēre, to complete; see complete.]
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Noun1.complin - last of the seven canonical hours just before retiring
canonical hour - (Roman Catholic Church) one of seven specified times for prayer
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compline [ˈkɒmplɪn] Ncompletas fpl
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Danielle Complin was one of two students whose work was chosen for manufacture.
However, the club - who have seen six riders wearing their colours injured in their past five matches - are still looking for replacements to cover for skipper Lee Complin (shoulder, back and hand injuries) and teenage Australian Rob Branford (severe knee ligaments).
Semi-final One: Berwick (Ricky Ashworth 5, Sebastian Alden 4, Lee Complin 4, David Bellego 3) 16, Plymouth 14, Newcastle (Christian Henry 6, Stuart Robson 3, Ludvig Lindgren 2, Claes Nedermark 1) 12, Redcar 6.
SPEEDWAY: Berwick Bandits skipper Lee Complin may need surgery after he caught his hand in an opponents' front wheel in a horror smash in their Premier League clash at Workington on Monday night.
Lee Complin can't wait to turn out for high-flying Tigers in today's visit of Ipswich Witches.
He had fought his way past Redcar's Joe Haines to lead his final race when Taylor Poole veered in front of Lee Complin, causing the Berwick rider to slam into the fence.
Lee Complin also returns to the side having broken an arm very early on in the season.
BERWICK: Michal Makovsky 10+1, Anders Andersen 6+3, Adrian Rymel 6, Craig Branney 5, Paul Clews 4, Jade Mudgway 1, Lee Complin r/r.
The second 5-1 of the night saw Olly Allen move Peter Karlsson aside on the second bend in Heat 4, and as the Swede went to the back Barker quickly moved inside Lee Complin to collect second place.
Stoke took the lead for the first time with a 5-1 in heat five but, just when they looked set to do likewise in the next race and put the Brummies under some pressure, Lee Complin was excluded for bringing down Chris Schramm.
STOKE: Lee Complin 12+2, Claus Vissing 11, Barrie Evans 10+2, Ben Barker 8, Tony Atkin 5, Jamie Smith 0, Rusty Harrison r/r.
PREMIER LEAGUE: Sheffield 57 (L Complin 16) Swindon 33 (C Kristensen 9), Isle Of Wight 57 (D Bird 13) Newcastle 33 (B Pedersen 15).