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intr.v. com·plied, com·ply·ing, com·plies
1. To act in accordance with another's command, request, rule, or wish: The patient complied with the physician's orders.
2. Obsolete To be courteous or obedient.

[Middle English complien, to carry out, fulfill, from Old French complir, from Latin complēre; see complete.]
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These are conditions which, considering everything, I had no hesitation in complying with, as far as I thought myself privileged, for you.
It is not probable, considering the genius of this country, that the complying States would often be inclined to support the authority of the Union by engaging in a war against the non-complying States.
Bounderby's time was so very precious, and she knew it of old to be so essential that he should breakfast to the moment, that she had taken the liberty of complying with his request; long as his will had been a law to her.
So far from complying with this their inclination, by which all hopes of reformation would have been abolished, and even the gate shut against her if her own inclinations should ever hereafter lead her to chuse the road of virtue, Mr Allworthy rather chose to encourage the girl to return thither by the only possible means; for too true I am afraid it is, that many women have become abandoned, and have sunk to the last degree of vice, by being unable to retrieve the first slip.
Leonardia said he is optimistic about complying with the President's orders before the Sept.
'Yeah, hopefully next week basta ma-comply nila (AACs) lahat ng requirement and hindi ibig (sabihin) na sinabi ni Presidente na kapag ni-resume na eh bumalik sila without complying it,' Garma said after the PCSO's budget hearing at the House of Representatives.
Out of 187 security companies that are registered with the two security Unions only 28 are complying with the gazetted wage while the rest are not countrywide.
She said that her motion should be taken up in the Punjab Assembly and then referred to the relevant committee so that the process of complying with the resolutions starts.
Complying with CCP means achieving a specific number of points in a variety of different of ways, including attending or listening to CE activities, working in the field, or authoring or presenting related materials.
8/5/11), the Kentucky Court of Appeals affirmed the dismissal of a suit the taxpayer had filed against the university (his employer) for complying with a levy and surrendering the taxpayer's wages to the IRS.
The paying taxes indicator measures tax systems from the point of view of a domestic company complying with the different tax laws and regulations in each economy.
Mr Devlin said: "People think that keeping within the law as far as health and safety is concerned is expensive and that's why they take short cuts - in some cases avoiding complying with legislation altogether.