composing room

com·pos·ing room

A room where typesetting is done.

composing room

(Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) the room in a printing establishment in which type is set

compos′ing room`

a room in which compositors work.
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Ben Bradlee, executive editor of The Washington Post, looks at the front page of the newspaper, headlined 'Nixon Resigns', in the composing room on August 8, 1974 -- Courtesy of The Telegraph Like anyone in life, he was not immune to mistakes.
I remember as a wee lad visiting the composing room and seeing that machine in action.
I walked closer, and as I got closer, I could hear the sound of the paper dropping in the composing room," he said.
He had a composing room, where he was prolific and edgy with his musical creativity.
Helen and Claire were also taken on a tour of the Examiner's Ramsden Street premises as part of their prize, where they are pictured in the composing room with ALL YOURS page organiser Margaret Overend.
Well, 24 hours after completing my National Service back in 1954, I found myself sweeping the floor and cleaning the lino-type machines in the composing room of the old Western Mail & Echo building which stood alongside the historic Golate lane between St Mary Street and Westgate Street.
Journalists - reporters and sub-editors - would write and check the stories, which would be sent to the composing room where the pages were made up as 'plates'.
Using this innovation, newspapers could put together more pages, faster and with fewer workers in the composing room than before.
He uttered this infamous phrase after another deadline session spent negotiating between an intractable composing room and a newsroom that ignored deadlines.
Next door is the old composing room with three doorways, each warning entrants that smoking is not permitted inside.
Ron Harris has been named managing editor; previously, he was composing room manager, a job he'd held for 4-1/2 years.
When a story was finished it was put into a plastic cylinder and shoved into a vacuum tube which whisked it to the composing room on the third floor.