composite material

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Noun1.composite material - strong lightweight material developed in the laboratory; fibers of more than one kind are bonded together chemically
material, stuff - the tangible substance that goes into the makeup of a physical object; "coal is a hard black material"; "wheat is the stuff they use to make bread"
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The homogeneity of the composite material is crucial property during the manufacture process, empty cavities should be avoided and the rate of the epoxy curing should be smoothened through the whole volume.
particles are occupying a relatively high volume within the matrix and their distribution is being uniform such as the overall composite material can be viewed as a quasi-homogeneous isotropic material;
Soldiers may someday find comfort as well as safety in chemical-protection gear, now that researchers have created a breathable, chemical-blocking composite material.
It will coordinate with an adjoining composite-material fabrication factory, which will be responsible for forming composite material parts for the wing boxes such as wing skins, and the Yamatomachi Plant at its Shimonoseki Shipyard and Machinery Works in Yamaguchi, which produces skin stringers, one of reinforcement components of 787 wing boxes.
The bladder in deflated form is a flat sheet that serves as a carrier to transport the composite material into the oven and then to the forming station.
When two or more dissimilar materials are combined to produce a composite material, it typically incorporates some of the properties of each of its constituents.
com/research/w7x2dj/2012_market_resear) has announced the addition of the "2012 Market Research Report on China Carbon Carbon Composite Material Industry" report to their offering.
com/research/p5h563/global_medical) has announced the addition of the "Global Medical Composite Material Market for Orthopedics 2015-2019" report to their offering.
Benefiting from more than 30 years of composite material experience, 53 percent of the A350 XWB s airframe is made of carbon fiber-reinforced polymer, including Airbus first carbon fiber fuselage.
Composite Material And Method For Manufacturing The Same: No.
Due to the expensiveness of composite material manufacture, their greater use in commercial aviation came at a later date.

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