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Noun1.compost heap - a heap of manure and vegetation and other organic residues that are decaying to become compost
cumulation, heap, pile, agglomerate, cumulus, mound - a collection of objects laid on top of each other
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When composting at home people can either build a compost heap in an open pit in a shaded part of the garden or invest in a compost bin.
| HOW'S your compost heap? Turn it over to air it and add some moisture if it is looking too dry.
| It's a good time to start a compost heap to manage weeds and lawn clippings.
The new capsules reduce the problem as they break down into simple raw materials in a domestic compost heap in a matter of weeks.
it matter where I place my compost heap? QDoes Marcus AMATERIAL breaks down more quickly in a warm spot, but try to avoid full sun.
Definitely don't put in anything diseased such as rose leaves with black spot - this is fungi that will flourish in a compost heap.
So all the comfrey leaves are going straight on the compost heap.
With all the recycling we already do now - plastics in one bin, glass in another, garden matter and food waste also being separated - there has been no better time to start your own compost heap.
8DA YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Titanic 9 Nonet 10 Endow 11 Monsoon 12 Loo 13 Progress 16 Isolated 17 Ill 19 Tartare 21 Homer 22 Canto 23 Palette DOWN: 1 Othello 2 Studious 3 Know 4 Ensnared 5 Undo 6 Stand 8 Compost heap 13 Polka dot 14 Stigmata 15 Alarmed 18 Stack 20 Runt 21 Hale QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 For dear life 8 Air 9 Eve 11 Draught 12 Meter 13 Del 14 Era 15 Vaccine 17 Ran 19 Rice 21 Iced 23 Germ 25 Solo 27 Paw 29 Tapered 31 Art 34 Ape 36 Roast 37 Careful 38 Fox 39 Ark 40 Kitchenware DOWN: 1 Fire 2 Oral 3 Degrade 4 Attack 5 Lemon 6 Fete 7 Ever 8 Adder 10 Erase 16 Err 18 Nil 20 Imp 22 Cot 24 Eyebrow 25 Scarf 26 Rescue 28Whelk 30 Attic 32 Rook 33 Taxi 34 Afar 35 Pure
- Mark Webster, e-mail CAROL: I'm assuming that the manure is well-rotted, if not, leave it in a heap for a year or layer it with green waste on your compost heap.
Many folks have already experienced the transformation of things yucky into not only something pleasant, but a valuable resource: the alchemy of the compost heap, which starts with manures and rotting vegetation and ends with compost, smelling as sweet as good earth, ready to fertilize the garden.