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Noun1.compost pile - a heap of manure and vegetation and other organic residues that are decaying to become compost
cumulation, heap, pile, agglomerate, cumulus, mound - a collection of objects laid on top of each other
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Prior to the performance test in the compost pile, the temperature sensors were subjected to a calibration test, which used as reference a mercury thermometer of the Cole-Parmer Instrument Co.
To save himself--and gardeners like him--trips to the compost pile, Bob created the Gardener's Hollow Leg.
There were three of us on a cold, wet autumn day a few years ago, standing in my neighbor's back yard - my husband holding a pitchfork and carefully removing layer after layer of material from the compost pile we had surrounded, me with a shovel in hand and ready to strike, and my other neighbor's son with a BB gun in hand, ready to shoot.
Build-A-Pile Classes give participants hands-on experience building an entire compost pile including: how to incorporate different ingredients, chop materials, water and turn the pile.
Thus to grow organic vegetables, a compost pile will be one of the most important tools in your kitchen garden.
Human and animal waste, pet litter but also common sense stuff like automotive waste, cleaning solvents and things with fats, are not good for your compost pile," Allgeier says.
Remember, after adding moist, nitrogen-rich material ('greens') such as food scraps and grass clippings to your compost pile, always cover it with a layer of carbon-rich 'browns' such as leaves, wood chips or straw.
For one, instructions advocate recycling the wort-chilling water, using spent grain in a compost pile, and growing your own organic ingredients.
I had zero interest in science, never done a lick of microbiology, and no idea what a compost pile was.
Bundchen said that they have very little waste as the chickens eat all the veg scraps, and anything that they don't eat she puts them in her compost pile with the chicken poo.
A cheap and easy way to solve this problem is to add a compost aerator, which will allow for adequate airflow in the compost pile.
The pipes can lie on the ground to be removed when a compost pile is broken down, or can be laid in concrete for a permanent system.