compounding pharmacy

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com·pound·ing pharmacy

A facility where drugs are compounded or prepared in customized dosages or formulations, typically at the request of a physician and for use by an individual patient.
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* Company Analysis - Fagron, PharMEDium, Dougherty's Pharmacy, ITC Compounding Pharmacy, Fresenius Kabi, Clinigen Group, Absolute Pharmacy, McGuff Compounding Pharmacy Services, Inc., and Harrow Health, Inc.
In the notice, the officials say they want the Idaho Supreme Court to decide whether Judge Lynn Norton erred when she determined that a receipt from the compounding pharmacy that provided the drugs used in Richard Albert Leavitt's execution in 2012 is a public document that must be released.
A Florida pharmacist was sentenced last month to 120 months in prison followed by three years supervised release for his role in a massive compounding pharmacy fraud scheme, which impacted private insurance companies, Medicare and TRICARE, according to a statement from the Department of Justice.
The problem arises when you redefine a physician's office as a compounding pharmacy. This is what took place in Ohio, and what pharmacy boards want to do nationwide.
Acacia Diversified Holdings Inc (OTCQB symbol:ACCA) revealed on Wednesday the completion of the acquisition of MEDAHUB Operations Group Inc and MEDAHUB, Inc technology companies complete with a current compounding pharmacy license in Florida.
Currently, there are restrictions on shipping injectable vitamin C out of state if the compounding pharmacy does not hold a license in the state to which the product is to be delivered.
Legal and Practical Issues in Compounding Pharmacy Credits: 2.0 ACPE UPN: 0372-0000-17-024-H03 (P/T)
Roadrunner Pharmacy is the specialty compounding pharmacy. Licensed in all 50 states, Roadrunner employs more than 250 pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and service professionals.
The partnership extends FocusScript's compounding pharmacy accreditation, credentialing, and ongoing oversight to independent compounding pharmacies that are member pharmacies of Arete Pharmacy Network.
This was the topic of my recent column, in which I pointed out that as a result, "any practitioners who reconstitute any drug in their offices is considered to be a compounding pharmacy, ordered to pay compounding pharmacy registration fees ($112 yearly), and to undergo the same inspections as compounding pharmacies".
Tulsa, OK, July 07, 2016 --( Saffa Compounding Pharmacy announced as Sunshine Care Partners territory license owner in Tulsa County, Oklahoma.