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tr.v. com·pre·hend·ed, com·pre·hend·ing, com·pre·hends
1. To take in the meaning, nature, or importance of; grasp. See Synonyms at understand.
2. To have as part of something larger; encompass or include. See Synonyms at include.

[Middle English comprehenden, from Latin comprehendere : com-, com- + prehendere, to grasp; see ghend- in Indo-European roots.]

com′pre·hend′i·ble adj.
com′pre·hend′ing·ly adv.


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Adj.1.comprehendible - capable of being comprehended or understood; "an idea comprehensible to the average mind"
clear - readily apparent to the mind; "a clear and present danger"; "a clear explanation"; "a clear case of murder"; "a clear indication that she was angry"; "gave us a clear idea of human nature"
explicable - capable of being explicated or accounted for; "explicable behavior"
intelligible - well articulated or enunciated, and loud enough to be heard distinctly; "intelligible pronunciation"
References in classic literature ?
Five words of plain and comprehendible English are worth just now an hour of squalling.
Dr Dutta made the making of business plans interesting and easily comprehendible by the young managers in the making.
6] Data Analytics services, William Reed, HMG's Vice President and Partner, expanded, "Our offering assists organizations by addressing the six Vs of data analytics -- volume, the increasing quantity of data being received; velocity, the varied speed at which different data arrives; variety, integrating the vastly different structure and codification of data; veracity, ensuring the data accuracy; visualization, presenting the data in comprehendible formats; and most importantly, value, ensuring the organization gets maximum value from its data.
78 systems are not related comprehendible and to MA analyzable easily 17- Submitted software 0.
Because you do wonder what Monk might be able to do on the training field or on the touchline to have stopped this visit of Newcastle going from comfortable win to not quite comprehendible draw.
However, the alienated "angry" Muslim youth is hardly a mystery, but a fully comprehendible historical inevitability.
The only comprehendible reason behind the massive Indian investment on these dams in J&K is to put a water tab on Pakistan rivers so that India can manipulate water as a strategic weapon in the future.
20,34] Furthermore, adult users of HIV self-tests have found them easy to use, the instructions comprehendible,'351 and that they have a high level of accuracy (99.
The stories of resisters that comprise "Beyond Courage: The Untold Story of Jewish Resistance During the Holocaust" are boldly yet appropriately penned, highly comprehendible for middle school readers and well illustrated with more than 200 photos, maps and other visual aids.
Adjectives and other modifying words function much like korzybskian indices while making the sentences more eloquent and easily comprehendible than sentences that contain subscripted indices.
Some aren't transparent, some are not comprehendible.
The Amazigh of North Africa represent a more logical and comprehendible prototype.