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Readily comprehended or understood; intelligible.

[Latin comprehēnsibilis, from comprehēnsus, past participle of comprehendere, to comprehend; see comprehend.]

com′pre·hen′si·bil′i·ty n.
com′pre·hen′si·bly adv.
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Noun1.comprehensibility - the quality of comprehensible language or thoughtcomprehensibility - the quality of comprehensible language or thought
quality - an essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone; "the quality of mercy is not strained"--Shakespeare
legibility, readability - a quality of writing (print or handwriting) that can be easily read
intelligibility - the quality of language that is comprehensible
clarity, clearness, limpidity, lucidity, lucidness, pellucidity - free from obscurity and easy to understand; the comprehensibility of clear expression
coherence, coherency - logical and orderly and consistent relation of parts
incomprehensibility - the quality of being incomprehensible


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Furthermore, the empolis:Content Lifecycle Suite fulfils the high expectations for structuring and comprehensibility and opens enormous rationalization potential for creation, quality assurance, translation and publication process control.
Christopher Hasty's study takes Schoenberg's views on musical comprehensibility and memorability as a point of departure for a "temporal-processive" analysis of the opening of the Phantasy op.
Using human translation time as a baseline, it was found that an MT post-edit that was limited to just one-third of the human translation time, called a "brief edit", produced an accurate comprehensibility score of 0.
Showing by statistical analysis that composers' use of the formula peaked in the early nineteenth century, he observes that the relatively unsophisticated audiences to whom much music of the time was addressed were assisted by the unambiguous comprehensibility of the formula as a structural punctuation.
The 2007 edition continues to focus on the characteristics that have made The World Book Encyclopedia an essential learning tool for 90 years, namely, its accuracy, authority, balance and comprehensibility," said Paul Gazzolo, president of World Book.
The study shows that patients of all ages would benefit from additional efforts to improve the clarity and comprehensibility of labeling on prescription drugs," said Davis.
Hence Ratner is ultimately concerned with what Arnold Schoenberg the theorist viewed as "compensation": the stabilizing effect that one parameter of the musical discourse may exhibit when another threatens to jeopardize comprehensibility.
With regard to its products and services, ONE has placed its focus on simplicity, clarity, comprehensibility and quality.
District Court for the District of Maryland appointed a Special Master in December to investigate the accuracy, completeness, and comprehensibility of Roche's financial and royalty data reported to IGEN.
District Court for the District of Maryland has appointed a Special Master to investigate the accuracy, completeness, and comprehensibility of Roche Diagnostics' financial and royalty data reported to IGEN and other issues central to IGEN's litigation with Roche.
In hundreds of calls, participants were asked to compare the naturalness and comprehensibility of natural speech output to that of synthetically generated output.
Several textbook writers have attended to research that indicates the importance of suprasegmentals to intelligibility and comprehensibility.