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tr.v. com·pressed, com·press·ing, com·press·es
1. To press together: compressed her lips.
2. To make more compact by or as if by pressing.
3. Computers To encode (data) to minimize the space required for storage or transmittal: compressed the file so that it could be downloaded more quickly.
n. (kŏm′prĕs′)
1. Medicine A soft pad of gauze or other material applied with pressure to a part of the body to control hemorrhage or to supply heat, cold, moisture, or medication to alleviate pain or reduce infection.
2. A machine for compressing material.

[Middle English compressen, from Old French compresser, from Late Latin compressāre, frequentative of Latin comprimere : com-, com- + premere, to press; see per- in Indo-European roots.]

com·press′i·bil′i·ty n.
com·press′i·ble (kəm-prĕs′ə-bəl) adj.
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Adj.1.compressible - capable of being compressed or made more compact; "compressible packing materials"; "a compressible box"
incompressible - incapable of being compressed; resisting compression; "mounds of incompressible garbage"
2.compressible - capable of being easily compressed
soft - yielding readily to pressure or weight
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مُنْضَغِط، قابِل للضَّغْط


(kəmˈpres) verb
to press together; to force into a narrower space. All his belongings were compressed into a very small suitcase.
comˈpressible adjective
comˈpression (-ʃən) noun
compressed air
air which is at a pressure higher than atmospheric pressure. Deep sea divers breathe compressed air.
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(3) The formulae for stun'sle brakes are uniformly unreliable, and will continue to be so as long as air is compressible.
Weak and well-meaning people would have desponded under these circumstances; but your genuine Rogue is a man of elastic temperament, not easily compressible under any pressure of disaster.
I made my way to the poor child, who was one of the dirtiest little unfortunates I ever saw, and found him very hot and frightened and crying loudly, fixed by the neck between two iron railings, while a milkman and a beadle, with the kindest intentions possible, were endeavouring to drag him back by the legs, under a general impression that his skull was compressible by those means.
Such a concentration of rage and scorn as darkened her face, and flashed in her jet-black eyes, I could not have thought compressible even into that face.
Here we consider the viscous rotational compressible magnetohydrodynamic flows in the 2-dimensional whole space [OMEGA] := R :
In the interest of the projected use of the scramjet engine, it is fundamental and also extremely important to understand the stability characteristics of compressible shear/mixing layers.
The Slingsbytind down jacket is light and very compressible while the Visbretind combines windproof fabrics with stretchy fleece.
Compared to the above research, some flow topology studies on compressible flow were performed as well.
The RHINE Cervical Disc System features a one-piece, compressible polymer core design with dome-shaped, plasma-coated endplates and a central-split keel.
Watson has introduced its EZ-Press product line of directly compressible sweeteners designed for use in the dietary supplement industry for the production of chewable and smooth melt supplement tablets.
Compressible gas, which is tangentially introduced into the vortex tube from nozzles, starts to make a circular movement inside the vortex tube at high speeds, because of the cylindrical structure of the tube, depending on its inlet pressure and speed.
As gases are compressible, the compressor also reduces the volume of a gas.