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Because episode 3 was compressional in nature, it is not likely to have been associated with the early Mesozoic rifting that led to the opening of the Fundy basin and the modern Atlantic Ocean.
However, no convincing compressional features had been identified--until recently.
The original ULVZ discovery had involved research on compressional waves, which cause vibrations backward and forward along the direction of motion.
1975) Tensional and compressional areas in the recent (Tortonian to present) evolution of the Northern Apennines.
Table 1 FUNDAMENTAL FIBER CHARACTERISTICS Fineness Staple Length Cross-Sectional Shape Crimp Frequency Crimp Amplitude Specific Gravity Moisture Absorption Stress/Strain Behavior Tensile Strength Tensile Elongation Modulus Toughness Elasticity Compressional Resilience Surface Character Interfiber Friction Melting Point Thermal Conductivity Thermal Stability Environmental Stability Chemical Stability Wettability Abrasion Resistance
Convergent transform margins are numerous, and are generally characterized by a long and complicated history of translational and compressional movement.
The Pacific plate pushes under the overlying plate and occasionally locks with it along a fault, accumulating shear and compressional strain.
2D and 3D seismic surveys acquired by Vanco reveal the presence of large compressional folds in a newly recognized sub-basin.
Origin offractures and joints growth is associated to force folding in response to the compressional, transpressional and transtensional deformation being observed in the region.
The NAFZ runs along the northern part of Turkey, from Karliova in the east to the Gulf of Saros in the west and connects the East Anatolian compressional regime to the Aegean extensional regime.
In such a confined geometry, these films experience large compressional or dilatational strain that may be detrimental to their long term stability, thus damaging the materials.
In this regard, the structural evolution of the Sierra de Cachi, characterized by crustal extension associated with HT and LP metamorphism followed by a compressional event, is consistent with such a regional scenario.