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a. The act or process of compressing.
b. The state of being compressed.
a. The process by which the working substance in a heat engine, such as the vapor mixture in the cylinder of an internal-combustion engine, is compressed.
b. The engine cycle during which this process occurs.
3. Computers The process by which data is compressed into a form that minimizes the space required to store or transmit it.

com·pres′sion·al adj.


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2 and 3 shows that this proposed approach still requires that the simple compressional and tensional strengths in a given direction must be equal.
The Appalachian story is one of initial compressional faulting related to Paleozoic shortening, followed by extensional faulting related to Mesozoic rifting (Williams et al.
Technically, compressional strike slip movement along the Tintina Fault created a stress regime that allowed the development of open space along Riedel fractures oriented at azimuth 320degrees and antithetic fractures at azimuth 020degrees.
When this occurs, the mediastinal hematoma can dissect into the shared adventitia surrounding the pulmonary arteries and cause marked compressional narrowing (Figure 10).
It is constructed by summing many compressional (pressure) wave reflections from the various sound source and sound detector locations at the halfway sound path points beneath each location (common depth point stacking).
During the absorbing phase of the embossing process, a compressional model of the cells can be used.
It is elongated to the northwest, shortened to the southeast, with corresponding types of faulting (extensional and compressional, respectively) prevalent in each sector.
The proceedings include regional overview papers considering the fundamental driving mechanisms proposed to account for the generation, location, and orientation of post-breakup compressional structures; examining the post-breakup compression and uplift along the NE Atlantic margin and the Irish Sea; and exploring various pure and applied aspects of post-breakup tectonism in the West Iberia and Australia regions.
Amazingly, the compressional strength of bone is even greater than that of reinforced concrete.