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a. The act or process of compressing.
b. The state of being compressed.
a. The process by which the working substance in a heat engine, such as the vapor mixture in the cylinder of an internal-combustion engine, is compressed.
b. The engine cycle during which this process occurs.
3. Computers The process by which data is compressed into a form that minimizes the space required to store or transmit it.

com·pres′sion·al adj.
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The earthquake sensor identifies various types of seismic waves including compressional, transverse, love and Rayleigh.
It is believed that the NW-SE orientation is largely a result of compressional tectonism (mountain building processes) and the NE-SW orientation is largely a result of subsequent tensional movement (faulting, shearing).
The data depicted oil stocks in 15 blocks, covering water depths of between 30 metres to four kilometres, analysed using what Spectrum called modern processing algorithms to achieve "optimal imaging of steeply-dipping extensional and compressional features and illumination of subtle amplitude anomalies."The company confirmed no oil blocks had been auctioned but said the conference had only been a "promotion" of the Somali offshore oil and gas.
The satellite imagery combined with 2D seismic images portray a compressional structural geometry of the area indicating a combination of mostly symmetrical folds, probably overturned at places, and reverse faults.
Since many of Frigoris's ridges are parallel to the mare's northern margin, compressional forces were squeezing the crust from north and south.
During those periods, the extensional, compressional and shearing forces led to the formation of complex structures in the Jimusaer mining area.
* Gross obesity causing excessive compressional forces on the discs
Compressional and surface waves in sand: Used by desert scorpions to locate prey.
The most significant fault microdisplacements occurred in first half of 2015, when the NNW-SSE sinistral strike-slip fault (in the Skalisty potok Cave--upper entrance) together with the WNW-ESE dextral strike-slip fault (in the Drienovska jaskyna Cave) were reactivated under the transtensional tectonic regime, where the principal maximum compressional axis operated in a NW-SE direction ([[sigma].sub.1]) during this short-lasting period.
where 2l is the total length of the loaded section of the cylinder, [phi] is the polar angle measured from the cylinder's axis, R is the distance to the observer, [c.sub.s] = [square root of [mu]/[rho]] and [c.sub.p] = [square root of ([lambda] + 2[mu])/[rho]] are the shear and compressional wave speeds in the medium, and [mu] and [rho] are the rock's rigidity and density, respectively.
The high-voltage electrical pulse signal of one thousand volts is generated by the ultrasonic machine, and the electric signal was converted to the ultrasonic signal by a 50 kHz center frequency compressional wave contact transducer.